Tuesday, July 20, 2010

yes, yes, yes

Well, another day of basically getting nothing done. Had lunch with C and K, always enjoyable, went by the new campus to see how things are progressing on the new building. I don't think anythings even been started on it as it looked the same as it did two months ago.

had a talk with the girls last night, actually I talked and then they talked to each other (finally), so here's hoping there will be a little more open communication in my house. getting them to talk to each other is the hard part, but with a little push it works.

trying to get ready mentally to go to Kansas, I have to prepare myself for my mother sometimes, i already hear she's angry at my brother because he won't be there when I am. chris goes to scout camp this time every year, i know that and he knows that, it's no big deal i'll catch up with him later, but this year's mom is upset over it. then there's the subject of my girls not wanting to spend time with her when they are there. she's always been somewhat envious of my in-laws and their relationship with my girls, and finally my weight and my health. Yes, mom i kow you are concerned, yes i know i have diabetes, yes, yes, yes.....

need to start working on school, haven't done anything on it yet. i have seven days of PD before going back to school, need to hop on it.

well Ozians have a great day


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello Ozians -

Went to Covey training today, not quite what I expected, I guess we just haven't reached that part yet (the organization). Nothing much else is happening, had a great lunch yesterday with Carol, she always inspires me to work in my craft room. Was able to vent about it, let's just say I'm at the point I want to haul in a dumpster and toss it all, I'm so overwhelmed by it all. I could open my own store, of course you'd only have two sheets of each paper to chose from. I have to remember I'm not going to get it done in two hours. I feel like I'm reshuffling things and just spinning my wheels. Oh well, have promisedmy self I'd spend an hour or so a day on it. I guess that needs to go into the organizational part of Covey.

Well, just wanted to say "hejo" (as Beth would say)

Peace out and have an Ozian sort of day

Monday, July 5, 2010


If you ever have the chance to see this amazing musical, DO IT!!!!Rachel and I went last night (July 4th) which in itself is crazy to go to downtown Houston on that day to see this. This is the third time for her and I can see why. It's really an amazing show. Of course, being big OZ fans it's understandable that we both were really into it. The whole thing is awesome from the costumes (loved those)to the music, dancing and sets. It was fun to have a night out with her.

Well, have three days of PD this week, Covey training. People I talked to who have taken it said yeah, it was okay, but takes a lot of time. Oh well, always wanted to take it but it never worked out, so here goes.

well I'm off to do whatever. Have a Ozian day!

Peace Out

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Well, not sure if anyone reads me anymore. School's out and I have left Holub to pursue High School. Not just any High School, but the Early College High School. Way different that the regular one. Not only are the kids taught at an AP level, they also follow AVID, which is a group of strategies which make them to becoe self directed and focused. It's been around for 30 years and seems to really work. This is for those kids who have the potential, not necessarily the drive, who may never go to college or be the first in their family to do so, who need direction or in many cases will drop out. It's a very cool program, but top that with teaching a new content area and AP as the cherry on it I'll be working bery hard for the next few months. Our school is not finished yet, so the incoming freshman will still be housed in the T-shacks, and the majority of the sophomores will be housed on the second floor of one of the HCC campuses. Hopefully, by December we will be able to move into a brand spanking new building. Just returned from Dallas where we had a week of intense training for AVID, but got to know a few of the teachers from last year there and some of the new ones for this year.

Bath and Rachel are co-existing at best. Beth does have a job working for a bariatric surgeon in Dickinson, but has no medical insurance. It was her call on that. She tells me today that Armando's sister and she are going to look at engagement ring so that Armando knows what she likes. For heavens, sake why don't they both go, she shows him what she likes and then he decides. Why put a third party into it. Oh well, not my call.

Summer is going by quickly, have a bunch of in-services yet to do. Rachel and I go see Wicked next weekend, can hardly wait, and she and I are going to Kansas and the end of July to see mom and my girls grandfather.

Well, gotta go. Thanks to anyone who still pops in from time to time.

H & K
Peace Out

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Decision time

Well, it's that time to decide what I am going to do next year. I send my paperwork over to the head honcho at the Early College High School. I was given to absolutely awesome letters of recommendation from my AP and Specialist. I've truly never had anyone speak about me in the manner in which they did and least not to where I could actaully witness it. It was truly humbling. I'm leaning towards staying where I am though because of what will be happening with the school next year and that fact that I've been accepted as one of the AVID teachers (this is a strategy of working with kids who have potential but don't have a clue how to get to where they want to go, we work with them through content classes on strategies and other things to help prepare them for high school and college). However, I'm going to still see if I get invited for an interview, my AP says at least leave the door open to say "no", so that's what I'm doing. ECHS would mean learning a whole new content area, AVID, and teaching AP courses not to mention the extra emotional and mental work that goes into these particular kids and this school. Since there has only been one year there really is no "dept." to work with. I have a former colleague who works there and she says being an "island unto yourself" while it sounds great isn't all it's cracked up to be, but she says the kids are amazing, so we shall see. I tend to jump in before I look and this is one time I really need to stand at the end of the cliff and look to see what's down there before taking the first step.
Beth is home and so far so go, but Rachel has had a really nasty virus (which I hope I don't get)so things have been calm so far. Beth now can put R.D. after her name and start looking for a job, her ultimate goal is to teach at a college level, but right now she would like to try to work with WIC. Of all of us in this family she has the most drive and discipline, not sure where she gets that from.
Going to try my hand at applique today with a class, we shall see. Have a great one everyone who has logged on just to see if I'm still writing.

Peace Out

Friday, January 1, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEARS to anyone reading.

Well, as expected the New Year came in right on time. I can't remember the last time I was up for it. I figured one of two things will happen: midnight still comes and I'm asleep or if something happens to the world I'm not awake and won't know any difference. However, Harley and Annie wanted to celebrate with everyone else. It was any abnormally noise new year around my house, including my dogs adding their own noise makers.

Interesting to see the things which are occurring around here. First the fight at Fuddruckers and then the shooting at 1st Colony Mall. Hmmm.

Only three days left of vacation. I guess I need to get fired up to go back, which I kind of am. Ready to get the school year over with. Beth comes home in March, which will be interesting having both she and Rachel under the same roof again. The roof might lift off a couple of times with the two of them.

Anyway, I hope for my friends that the new year is prosperous and that your gratitude for what it brings is real and heartfelt. Remember, He doesn't give us more than we can handle. Have a great new beginning and remember to look at it as that.

Peace Out

Thursday, December 31, 2009


Last blog for 2009. I know that's not saying a whole lot since I haven't done it much this year. To all of you who occasionally check to see if I do still blog. I hope you had a comfortable 2009 and that the new years brings joy, luck and happiness to each and everyone of you.

As they say in Pirates of the Carribean, this isn't as much a rulebook as a guide to go by. I'm sure things will be modified and changed or ignored completely, but here it is.

GOALS 2010

1. Health
a. Lose 10 pounds
b. Weigh in on Saturday and record
c. Walk three times a week

2. Medical
a. Eyes
b. New blood work (AIC)

3. Scrapping
a. 15 minutes a day to purge
b. Organize pictures
c. Organize scrap room
d. Set up shelves in scrap room
e. Organize stamps and specialty items
f. Use what I have

4. House Clean Up and Organization
a. Stop holding onto things that have no meaning any longer
b. Purge clothing, shoes, drawers, closets, etc…
c. Clean out kitchen, including drawers and cabinets
d. Clean out bathroom cabinets, closets and drawers
e. Paint bathrooms
f. Have downstairs carpet cleaned
g. Fix front window, install plexi- glass
h. Start using what I have instead of buying new

5. Finances
a. $50 to savings on the 1st and 15th before paying bills
b. Pay down credit cards
c. Stop buying unnecessary items

6. Social/Friends
a. Meet with friends at least once a month
b. Keep in better contact with friends in KC

7. Career
a. Decide what to do for next school year
b. Go to transfer fair
c. Read more educational/content based materials
d. Be better prepared for classes

Peace Out until next year