Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No title

My life is being consumed by school. I find I really don't have time to do anything else. I cancelled a class for SV I was planning, I haven't done design team, haven't done anything that deals with paper except 8 1/2 x 11 paper. I'm either creating lesson plans, grading (really far behind on that), mentoring, WINGS committee, dept chair, etc. etc. etc.... Got to find me time. I walk into school on the run and walk out on the run. Days fly by though. Can't get straight answers from our Sped dept, they keep passing the buck and telling us to deal with it. I love my school this year though, except for passing periods. I think we should learn how to beam them from class to class. I know I sound like a broken record, but considering everything this school year is going well. Gave my first major test today. All my class averages were above 76, even Sped average was 68 so I'm thankful that I'm not blowing instructions completely. To all my friends, love you for listening.


Sunday, September 2, 2007


Hello all. Well it was a busy week, but went much smoother than any first week I can remember. I love telling those who left my school for other venues how wonderful it is there. I like watching their faces as they try to absorb what I'm telling them. I like how people think they can put their spin on something and then forget (LOL) to tell you about things like three hour lunches at their place. My muse has appeared to have left me. I have these cool ideas but am so much in chaos still just can't make myself do it. Kim, Carol and Raygun, thanks for the eening. Kim, probably by the time I see you again you will be missing some of your physical being, but never your true self. Hang in there, it's almost time for the butterfly to emerge. Remember float like a butterfly, but always remember to sting like a bee. Basically, be beautiful and gracious but get your point cross. Carol, you're the bomb. I'm glad to have you guys. House isn't coming like I want it to, but like me it's a work in progress. When it is done I'm having everybody over for dinner. Well, it's midnight. Gotta go.

Love to all,