Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well, thank goodness this week is over. My principal had a problem with me writing an e-mail to Sam's corporate about the unprofessionalism with regards to the Teacher of the Year Award. I have supposedly jeapordized our schools portion of future funds. What it comes down to is the money that this particular Sam's was suppose to be "spreading" among area schools wasn't happening and it was all going to Holub. When they say the "sh**" rolls down hill, in this case it snowballed and took victims. Corporate called region, region called district and so on. People got into trouble over as Pat said "probably a $50.00 gift card", which she was suppose to pick up Thursday, which she didn't. She probably thinks that not having it for the holidays is part of my punishment, BFD. So I now have the perverbial "target" on my back. This target moves around lot in my schoo. One of the few white teachers in my school who has worn it was asked to leave voluntarily at break of be fired. I'm not sure what the details were. Pat has had it in for Suz as well as Kathy Elliott, and tried everything within her power to get them out of our school. Well, she managed to do it with Suz and Kathy is moving back north at the end of school. So if we all return to Holub next year that will leave 13 non-black faculty members. My problem is I really love my school, the teachers and the kids for the most part. I just have no respect for the principal and her secretary. And my luck, I'd change schools and she'll end up there too.

Well, now that's over. I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday. Both my girls will be here. This will be a first for Rachel as she has always had to work the holidays. She likes teaching if for nothing more that there are no holidays or weekends. She has opened up a whole new group of friends to hang with. She turns 28 today, what can I say time does fly.

Let us put the past year past, and open the doors and windows for a new year. I hope all of you have a wonderful and prosperous new year and I'll see you then.