Saturday, December 20, 2008


Well, thank goodness this week is over. My principal had a problem with me writing an e-mail to Sam's corporate about the unprofessionalism with regards to the Teacher of the Year Award. I have supposedly jeapordized our schools portion of future funds. What it comes down to is the money that this particular Sam's was suppose to be "spreading" among area schools wasn't happening and it was all going to Holub. When they say the "sh**" rolls down hill, in this case it snowballed and took victims. Corporate called region, region called district and so on. People got into trouble over as Pat said "probably a $50.00 gift card", which she was suppose to pick up Thursday, which she didn't. She probably thinks that not having it for the holidays is part of my punishment, BFD. So I now have the perverbial "target" on my back. This target moves around lot in my schoo. One of the few white teachers in my school who has worn it was asked to leave voluntarily at break of be fired. I'm not sure what the details were. Pat has had it in for Suz as well as Kathy Elliott, and tried everything within her power to get them out of our school. Well, she managed to do it with Suz and Kathy is moving back north at the end of school. So if we all return to Holub next year that will leave 13 non-black faculty members. My problem is I really love my school, the teachers and the kids for the most part. I just have no respect for the principal and her secretary. And my luck, I'd change schools and she'll end up there too.

Well, now that's over. I hope everyone has a fantastic holiday. Both my girls will be here. This will be a first for Rachel as she has always had to work the holidays. She likes teaching if for nothing more that there are no holidays or weekends. She has opened up a whole new group of friends to hang with. She turns 28 today, what can I say time does fly.

Let us put the past year past, and open the doors and windows for a new year. I hope all of you have a wonderful and prosperous new year and I'll see you then.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's almost here.

I'm looking forward to this weekend even though it is filled to the hilt. Day off from school Friday to attend a national conference to hear major "playa's" in the history world, to learn something new and yes to shop. First meeting of the "sorority" and seeing my peeps. Now if I can just figure out how to get 80 essays graded, a week of lesson plans and paper filing done.

H and K

Monday, November 10, 2008


I'm grateful I have a job, no matter how it sucks sometimes, and the fact that the pay while it pays the bills, there never seems to be anything left over. On top of that I've been informed I have to split my "Chair" stipend with another teacher and still haven't heard anything from Sam's Club about the stipend for being their teacher of the year. I'm grateful I have the ability to teach and that I have kids who need a good teacher even when it's like pulling teeth. I'm grateful that I have an undertanding specialist who when I take my anger out on her tells me it's okay and that she still respects me. I'm thankful I received a scholarship to the national conference here in Houston this weekend, only two of us got it in the district. I'm grateful I have a computer to type my "gratefuls" on. I'm grateful that someone takes the time to read this.

H and K

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wellll, I'm back.... for now at least. Let's see grateful:

G - great friends
R- real friends
A - awesome friends
T - tenacious friends
E - everlasting friends
F - funny friends
U - undescribable friends
L - lucky for me, I've got you for friends.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The weather

For anyone who still reads my blog. We survived Ike. No damage but some limbs down and a piece of siding that can be replaced. We were lucky, others on my street weren't so lucky, including the mayors house. Charlie set a good example and boarded up his windows, but Ike had other plans and tore the siding off pretty much his entire house and left a hole in the side of it as well. We lost power about 2 Saturday morning, and got it back about 7:45 on Monday. Thank the good Lord for the cool front that came through. We had plenty of water and food, and grilled out when we could. Both Fort Bend and Alief are closed thru Wednesday. Hope everyone else came through realitively okay.


Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summers gone...

Hey everyone -

First week of school over. Already had one fight in the hallways and a walk through. Except for about 5 Pre AP students who are pain's in the rear my kids seem to be pretty okay. No major bahavior problems yet. My team doesn't have to deal with Sped kids this year. We just got our secretary on Wednesday, but are still missing a couple of teachers and a whole lot of para's and support staff. My one AP left over from last year is wearing so many hats I don't think he knows which on is on at any given time. My room is way down the hall from the rest of my team and I miss not seeing them daily but I've got some very nice teachers around me and we're having a good time. Went to the Village Friday night and got a project done, so that's good. Rachel and I are just hanging at the house this weekend, both of us need the rest. She seems to really like her job so let's hope it continues. For all my teacher "peeps" I hope you start of school was okay, and for all my other "peeps" I hope that the end of summer and the beginning of fall is wonderful.

Hugs to all

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm back

Just got back from my mom's in KC. As always I seem to spend one day too long, but all in all it was a nice visit. Ended up going to four scrap stores, a quilt shop and a stamp shop, not bad... For those of you who haven't read Kim's blog (thanks Kimmy since you know how I blog), Rachel does indeed have a "real job" teaching. She'll be a Hightower in Fort Bend, teaching 9th grade Biology. She's scared and excited all at once. This came totally out of nowhere and I thought she wouldn't get something because school starts in a little over a week. The HR person called Wednesday AM, they interviewed Wednesday PM, and after checking one more referenced offered her the job Thursday and she went to in-service on Friday. Hit the road running as I always say. She won't have time to think about it and worry or over-analyze too much. Well, Beth is settled more or less in California. All that ended up missing in the move was her pillows and her shams which matched her bedspread. They were in a big trash bag and evidently got tossed, so not too bad.

Well, gotta go. Hey to everyone.

Peace out,

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Update on my life.

It's been a month since Able left us and still the tears come. Rachel and I are both having a very tough time with this and can't really figure out why since we've lost dogs before. He was such a part of us and who we are.

Taught at the Village Saturday and it was one long class. But really a pretty fantastic class. There were five of us and I must say I learned a few things myself, even from Suzanne. If you haven't met Catherine Smith once you get use to her quirkiness she's really sweet. She is a very talented artist and works outside the box alot. One of her projects was making a card using Perfect Pearls and a dress pattern, yep you heard right a dress pattern, who'd a thunk it... Already working out ideas for a couple of classes. One will be a black and white layout using a Technique Tuesday stamps, an acrylic album class and an acrylic card class (with Catherine). By the way if you've never looked at the Technique Tuesday Idea Book/Catalog it's really got some fabulous ideas in it. I've ordered one so when it gets here I'll share. Phyllis and I talked yesterday about doing an accucut class which is now in the works, just finding a schedule.

Trying to get things organized between school and the house. Beth is working at B&N at Pearland thanks to Rachel. Rachels actually there too for a couple of days to help out. Beth has a promise ring on her finger. Got it for her one year anniversay. Yeah, she's head over heels. What can I say....

Meeting Carol and Kim for lunch, seems like I haven't seen them forever. I'll try to do better about blogging, but there's a reason I don't make New Years resolutions.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ables passing

We were called this morning at 4:30 that he was beginning to have seizures but they had them controlled. About 7:45 they called to say they had resumed and were trying to alleviate them. About 9:00 they called to tell us that they were performing cpr but were not hopeful even if he did recover the chance of more seizures and his quality of life would not be good. Rachel had to make the decision to have them stop life saving procedures. We have come from seeing him. He looked peaceful and asleep. They are going to do a necroprosy (sp) on him to see is they can get any insight into what was the cause of all this and his rapid decline over 48 hours. I'm very proud of my kid. Beth is on her way home and does not know yet. I wish she had gotten some last time with him but it was not to be. Annie is missing him and doesn't understand why he is not here. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.


Monday, June 16, 2008


Rachel took Abel to the Gulf Coast Veterinary Hospital this morning. Last night he had a plasma transfusion at the emergency cliunic. GCVH says he has a lot going on and he is in guarded condition. He now has some neurological problems, his kidney and liver are not functioning correctly, he has fluid build up and other things wrong with him. I really don't know what is going to happen. He was in a lot of pain on the way over this morning even though they had given him something for it and they are concerned about that which also might be giving him his neurological problems. This was extremely hard on Rachel and she is in pain with him also. She walked into their office without an appointment and basically said you will see my dog. We're not telling Beth anything at this point as she is packing up and coming home tomorrow and we don't want her to drive any faster than she already does. Will keep everyone posted.


Sunday, June 15, 2008

Sick Puppy

If any of you know me really well you know what a big part of my life my dogs are. Able has not been well since before the first of the year and we've treated him for numerous symptoms with numerous meds. We took him to the emergency vet clinic this morning and have left him there hooked up to an IV, on morphine and other drugs. The emergency vet there is thinking myo.... gratis (can't pronounce it or spell it) or a form of distemper. Rachel is taking him to the internist tomorrow down in the Galleria without any appointment. The emergency vet is sending a fax to them that this is an emergency and needs to be seen asap. Rachel won't take no for an answer, she'll campout in the lobby if necessary. I'd bee the one going but have this institute that I'm in. However, if it wasn't Rachel's day off I'd screw the institute. Needless to say many would think I'm either stupid or crazy or both for the amount of money I have put into him. Let's just say Sunday was over 1400 and who knew what the internist will be and that doesn't count the months of vet bills before today. He is Beth's dog, but my buddy and is as much a part of this family as any of us is. I'm praying and hoping for the best, because if not then I have failed him and I have failed to keep her dog safe. So if you're into praying, lift him up please.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Well, quick catch up on the room situation. Before I left last Monday (actually Tuesday because I had to completely pack up the room) my AP's and principal met. Between my specialist and the AP's they either convinced Pat that 1) she didn't know what she was doing putting me on the back hallway, 2) it would be stupid to put me there 3) read 1 and 2. Either way I'm back on the front in a large room again. Friends in low/high/perfect places, what can I say. The mouse who roars the loudest gets heard sometime.

Spent yesterday with Tim Holtz and Mario. They are both so cute. Just want to put Tim in a box to keep when I lose my "muse" and Mario, who is Mr. Clean-Up needs to come follow behind me. The first two classes were outstanding. Learning how to use alcohol inks and paint on trasnparencies and other things with them. How to make your own glimmer mist. Working with grungeboard. It's cool, but I'll use it very limitedly (?) on projects. Third class was different, it was canvas and beeswax and paint and ink and sand that we made ourselves)cool,huh). Learned new ways to distress, etc. etc. etc... Spent way to much on the cool stuff. By Design is "da bomb". Tracy is so very sweet and helpful. They have a lot of really cool stuff in right now. I suggest a road trip for any of you.

Beth is coming home in two weeks and will stay until August 8th. Rachel managed to get her a job helping set up the new Barnes and Noble in Pearland. What are big sisters for? Thanks Rachel. Beth hates New Mexico and can't wait to get out, plus it's so dry out there she's having trouble with her eyes. Need to replan my summer somewhat with her being home.

Able has been very sick since about February when my old vet gave him a new flea medicine which his body didn't respond well to and it's been a fight with his immune system every since. Now he has edema in a leg cause by leaking of platelettes (I think, Rachel understands better than I do). We did an ultrasound last Friday and have him on Zantac and antibiotics. Taking him back today for more blood work and hope there has been an improvement. They may have to do a platelette (sp) transfusion. I don't remember my dog growing up costing my parents this much. However he is a part of the family and I can't just do what some people think I should do I should do with him.

Well, it's the first day of in-services for the summer. Gotta go, would hate to be late.



Friday, June 6, 2008

4Jobs I Have Held
Office Manager

4 Movies I Could Watch Over and Over
Master and Commander
You've Got Mail

4 Places I Have Lived
Kansas City, Kansas
Emporia, Kansas
Lawrence, Kansas (do you see a pattern?)
Houston, Texas (Mo. City, Meadows Place)

Four TV Shows I Watch Regularly
Brothers and Sisters
Hell's Kitchen
Grey's Anatomy
Toss up between Medium and Law and Order: SVU

4 People Who Email Me Regularly
Faith (my sister)

4 Things I Do Everyday
Get out of bed

4 Favorite Foods
Anything chocolate (especially if it's cold)

4 Places I Would Rather Be
Anywhere with my girls
Walking on the Great Wall of China
Washington D.C.

4 People I Am Tagging (so if your name is here you have to do what I have done here)that didn't work.
Unfortunately, I think everyone is taken. Hope y'all had fun


Sunday, June 1, 2008


For those of you who made it through my last two rantings you're pretty brave souls and probably better people than I am. What can I say I was off my meds. Doesn't mean I'm not still pissed, but life goes on.

Geesh Leann, you don't blog forever, now two in one day, and both now leaving warm and fuzzy all down under feelings. Thanks guys.



Saturday, May 31, 2008

Life's a bitch and then they move your classroom

Ignore my first post of the day. Went to school, which by the way I wan't suppose to be at today, but what the heck I've got tons to box up so I thought I'd get a few hours in. When there my Science Specialist/GT person comes in (she never comes to my room) and says" I've got goood news, and I've got bad news. The bad news is that putting you into another room which happens to be right next door, the good news is that I'm here to help you pack". Mother Fucker. Yes, let me repeat that MOTHER FUCKER!!!!!!

At approximately 10:30 Friday morning I spoke with FAT PAT, my princpal to make sure that my request to NOT be moved was happening. She said I was staying where I was. This morning at approximately 11:30 the designated messenger/put their neck out, because we know FAT PAT doesn't have the balls to do it herself comes to my room to drop the bombshell.

While I really don't have a problem with moving, well yes I really do since I've moved every year but one in this building I would have liked the courtesy of having move than a days notice. Now for those of you who don't understand I have been in a science room this year. My administration knew from the beginning of last year that we would have to add another team in 8th grade which means they need another science teacher. Once again I have no problem with that, except one would think they would remember this small detail when it came to master schedules and planning. I just would have liked more notice. My poor housekeeping man asked me if I was moving (cause I know he didn't want to have to do it), and at that point in time I told him no, I wasn't. However, I digress. After I rant and rave in front of this woman and ask her kindly to leave my room, just get out, I get a phone call from FAT PAT to come see her saying she's serving margaritas, yeah right. She is soooooo verrrrrry sorrrrry that this has happened and that Ms.Hinton feels terrible but wants all of her science teachers together and she has a new one yadda, yadda, yadda. Well guess what Pat, oh that's right Social Studies doesn't need to be together since we had the highest scores in Alief History, I've got a KINDERGARTEN TEACHER you hired for the fourth team in 8th grade to teach in a TAKS field who if you left me where I was would have been across from me and I could have helped. Well you know Ms. Looney if there was anyway I could make this work I would. However, we have this room on the back hall that should work for you. Why I didn't get the hell out of there this year I'm still asking myself and kicking my ass. However, I do have a specialist that I love. Back to my rantings. So I guess when I walk in on Monday I'll look at the infamous map and find out where I'm to move. Why a change of room is making me a bigger bitch than normal and angry and crazy and my blood pressure to shoot up I haven't a clue. I guess it's just the principle or should I say principal? Well fuck it, I'll just have to live with disappointment.

Thanks for bearing with me if you did.

well, well, well

Schools finally over. Who knew 8th grade girls would cry so much over leaving middle school. Such drama. Have to go up to finish packing my room for the summer and that's about it. Got good news from our district co-ordinator yesterday. For years Greg has been saying if Alief beat the state percentage in TAKS he'd have a fish fry for the social study departments. Well we got our results yesterday. State was 90, Alief was 91! Actually Greg I like mine broiled with butter and lemon... Holub had a 97 point gain from last year which was a -6 loss. Don't ask, I don't undestand it all. All I know is Greg's contributing Holubs gain to the fact that I joined 8th grade and that makes me feel warm and fuzzy all under. But I worked my extremely fat behind off this year to prove I could do it. When you have kids telling you to move to high school with them and that you were the best teacher and they finally learned history it was worth it. I congratulated all my classes on their success telling them I was nothing but the fuel and they were the fire that burned very, very brihtly.

Summer will unfortunately be over before I know it with every I've got planned to do. I've got 100 hours of professinal development (Rice Institute - 40 hrs., and Texas Bar Association Instituted - 40 hours). Don't know that I can afford to go home to see my mom which she says is okay. What I really want her to say is that here's a plane ticket, come home, but that's my mother.

Had plumbing problems which was an expense I hadn't planned on, so I'm actually thinking about getting a weekend job at Starbucks or someplace. Please note the word "thinking".

Well I'm off. Hope everyone has a great summer!!!


Monday, May 26, 2008

Nothing New

Four days to go but who's counting. This year has literally flown by. However I am proud of my kiids. Out of 110 who took the regular TAKS test on 2 failed (no surprise on either of them), 80 recevied commendable and 4 had perfect scores. As I told them I'm just the fuel and they're the fire and they burned TAKS to the ground. So I guess I can say my first year teaching 8th grade has been successful. Losing my favoriet AP, so she's getting the hell out of Hellub, but going to another place that has major problems. Unfortunately she's a "fixer" so she'll probably never get her own school which is a real shame.

I've got plumbing problems, my toilet tank won't stop running and the valve is to tight for me to turn off the water and see if I can fix it myself. Only problem is: very little cash right now and trying to get the time off to get it fixed. Principal has already told us if we're not there Tuesday we get docked, so in the mean time my water is flowing in the stool and the money is literally going down the drain. My water bill will be outrageous.

Well, hope all of you have a great week.

Love to all. xoxo

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wow has it been that long since I wrote. Time gets away. 15 days for the kids left, that means 11 days for me. Rachel and I leave next Thursday to fly to Albuquerque to watch Beth graduate. She has been accepted at California State University for grad school and her internship. She'll be moving there in July-August. Her father of course is being the everlasting jerk. Instead of telling her how proud he is, he on her about going into debt. Okay, dad if you don't want her to then pay for it or offer her a low interest loan payable when she gets out of school. But does he think of something like that? Of course not. Haven't seen my baby since Christmas and looking forward to seeing her. Rachel is working on line on her teaching certification. I think it's much more detailed than she thought it was going to be. However, one reason she did it on line was so she would be able to go to the graduation. I'm so proud of both of my girls.

Merry keep us informed. Miss and love all of you.


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thank God it's almost over

Update on my TOY letter from the principal. Got it back, and when I opened the folder thought it looked okay, hooooowwwwwever, a little closer look she took the "e" off the end of my name alright, but my last name, so now the letter reads Leanne Loony. I give up. I let it go as was because I don't have time to deal with it right now. Took my packet over to ad building this morning at 7.

Have a sweet student teacher. She observed me last 9 weeks. Has already been a big help. It's amazing how soft spoken she is, but the kids seem to respond to her. We'll see.

Having dinner tomorrow night at U of H, one of my AP's is the president of some sorority and they are honoring the Alief TOY's. I've got nothing else going on and I might as well get a free meal.

Got my grades in, but it's amazing how many I've got failing because they are to lazy to do the work, or do it well.

Gotta go,
Love to all of you,

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Update on my life

How do you tell your principal that the letter of recommendation that she has written for you has major errors in it, first starting with the incorrect spelling of my name, and using the word his instead of her. Which really led me to believe she had just altered the letter she had written for the Teacher of the Year last year who happened to be a man. Can we feel the love here. I've asked numerous people what I should do, ask her to correct it or let it go. I feel if I let it go as is a committee member might ask me why I didn't have it correct (hello, principal, suppose to know what she's doing). Others tell me to let it go so the people in the know she how inept she is, except that truly they already know it. It will go into a portfolio, so I set down yesterday and tried in the nicest way possible and with out sounding like a bitch typed up a note asking her to correct it. Whether she will or not I have no idea. I have no visions of getting the districts toy, but I do have my own standards and I couldn't let something go that possibly could embarass not only me, but Pat and the school. On the up side my other four letters are short but truly outstanding and these people know who I really am and what I try to put into my teaching and classroom. Especially my former student who is planning on majoring in history because of me. Way to go Andrew. I have to have all my paperwork to the district by friday, guess what haven't even started on it. Yes, I'm a procrastinator, plus I don't look that great on paper, but I am "f.......g" awesome in the class and person. But I will get it done.

Roped Rachel into going to party today that I really don't want to go to but going anyway. Really wanted to go to Robin's party and sb stores.

Tomorrow is pedi/mani and grading and lesson plans, then it's back to school on Monday. I'm suppose to be getting a student teacher (which makes my AP's laugh since they say there's no way I will let go of my kids, they're probably right) which I haven't heard from. Back to my principal, when I agreed to take the s.t. she told me she would be split between myself and a 7th grade tacher. I'm not sure how my principals nose doesn't grow, as once again she lied. I now have this s.t. full time and trying to get by kids prepared for TAKS as well. I seel major TAKS tutorials coming up in April for them. I'm so blessed to have the kids I have, even the ones I really don't like (2), they are funny and are pretty much open to anything I throw at them. You don't often get a set of students you don't want to let go of, but this group this year is one of them.

Well, I've been verbose (vocab word for classes) long enough.

Love to all,

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TOY & Resolutions

Well, I guess faith and bribery paid off. It was announced yesterday that I am Holub's 08-09 Teacher of the Year. There had to be a run-off and then another vote as the first one was subious. Pat Brown (principal) actually used the words "ballot box was stuffed". Especially since my good friend and team mate whom I was running against the same color as Pat is. If it had been up to her and she could have gotten away with out the second vote she would have done it. Oh well, got my up front parking spot for a whole year. Of course, I almost when out the other way today to my usual parking spot.

Well tomorrow is the 31st and I have not revealed my resolutions. I hate resolutions, "be it resolved", isn't that a cleaning product? Well here goes, and actually I've already touched on each of them in some manner:

Start working out
Clean up crop room
Keep house organized
Work at school not at home
Get finances back in order

Only 11 months to go....

Love to all,

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Up for teacher of the year at school, AGAIN. Always the bridesmaid, kind of like 27 dresses, which if you haven't seen is cute. All women nominated this year. I was really surprised at the people who said they nominated me. Four out of five of my team has been nominated (must say something about the team), and the 5th person would have been nominated but he was Teacher of the Year this last year. I look at what everyone has written about themselves and see thesis' and then there's mine. I may not be impressive on paper but I'm fucking awesome in person. I would be lying if I said I didn't want this, and I don't know why it's so important to me this year, but it is. Pieces of me may have to be picked up on Friday after the news or I'll be feeling no pain because I won. It's really a popularity/color contest in my school and I've never been in the "popoular" crowd and I'm not sure if I'm the right color of tea. But Flossie shows up everyonce in a while, for those of you who don't know Flossie she's might alter ego who just happens to also be an angry black woman, at least that's what I was told. My kids and I are having fun with it though, they wanted to make posters for me which of course they can't. However, my campaign slogan is "Vote Looney, keep the crazies in control!"

Love you all,
Keep your fingers and toes crossed.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I do not blog, so therefore I am not....