Thursday, December 31, 2009


Last blog for 2009. I know that's not saying a whole lot since I haven't done it much this year. To all of you who occasionally check to see if I do still blog. I hope you had a comfortable 2009 and that the new years brings joy, luck and happiness to each and everyone of you.

As they say in Pirates of the Carribean, this isn't as much a rulebook as a guide to go by. I'm sure things will be modified and changed or ignored completely, but here it is.

GOALS 2010

1. Health
a. Lose 10 pounds
b. Weigh in on Saturday and record
c. Walk three times a week

2. Medical
a. Eyes
b. New blood work (AIC)

3. Scrapping
a. 15 minutes a day to purge
b. Organize pictures
c. Organize scrap room
d. Set up shelves in scrap room
e. Organize stamps and specialty items
f. Use what I have

4. House Clean Up and Organization
a. Stop holding onto things that have no meaning any longer
b. Purge clothing, shoes, drawers, closets, etc…
c. Clean out kitchen, including drawers and cabinets
d. Clean out bathroom cabinets, closets and drawers
e. Paint bathrooms
f. Have downstairs carpet cleaned
g. Fix front window, install plexi- glass
h. Start using what I have instead of buying new

5. Finances
a. $50 to savings on the 1st and 15th before paying bills
b. Pay down credit cards
c. Stop buying unnecessary items

6. Social/Friends
a. Meet with friends at least once a month
b. Keep in better contact with friends in KC

7. Career
a. Decide what to do for next school year
b. Go to transfer fair
c. Read more educational/content based materials
d. Be better prepared for classes

Peace Out until next year

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas at moms and the trip home

Happy happy and Merry merry to everyone. I am the only person I know who can go home to their mothers and not gain weight and in fact lost a couple of pounds.Just got back from KCK last night where we had snow on Christmas Eve, and day and the next day and the next day. Mom had 12-14 inches at her house and the drifts were double that in some places, but my girls went out and played in it and had a good time and I got some once in a lifetime pictures of them. Rachel had never made a snow angel before. It was so cold though and the wind didn't help. Girls went and saw theire grandfather a couple of times and their father was there. I stopped by Christmas Eve for a few minutes, got there in time to see Dean open up his quilt Rachel had made him. The girls going to his house of course prompted my mother once again to tell me how they prefer to spend time out there rather than with her. Sorry mom, thought the every other day thing would work. Always has in the past. You have to understand my mother thinks she's very flexible where sharing the girls with the other family is concerned. It would be different if we did something but we don't. My mom is content to watch TV all day. Anyway, Beth flew out of KC on Monday and Rachel and I left on Monday. Saw an sign on the way to Wichita for a scrapbook store so we took a detour we hadn't planned on (thank you Jack, the GPS0. There was a quilt store next to it so we were both happy. It was an awesome store. Stopped for the night in Pauls Valley, OK. Had probably the worst Mexican food I've ever tasted, (I know you're saying Ok. and Mexican food, come on Leann you've got to be kidding)but the place was packed which is why we decided to eat there. Don't let appearances fool you. Went to Braums afterwards for desert, big mistake as my sugar went to 199. Learned my lesson there. About 2:00 in the morning Rachel's phone goes off and it's Beth. Of course, alarms go off in my head as how can I get to Ca. quickly. Unfortunately, Verizon doesn't work where we are, and neither did the hotels phone. Rachel had to go down to the main desk so they could turn it on. Long story short, Annie (Rachel's dog) had found and eaten a 1/2 box of chocolate covered cherries and Suzanna (who was watching the dogs) freaked. So she ends up at the emergency vet with her where they give her something to induce vomiting. She's fine now. Got up Tuesday to head on home, stopped in Gainesville at a quilt shop and then on to Waxahachie. Rachel heads to the quilt shop and I walk into the Crafty Scrapper where the young lady tells me that everything in the store (yes, I said everything) is 40% off. I've died and gone to heaven. And anything that is in the clearance which is 50% of has another 40 off of that. I actually behaved myself, got some stamps, flowers, a few pieces of paper. Ended up spending 70 but saved 50. Missed the snow in Dallas and got home about 6:30, but it's cold and rainy here. Had to move things from my bedroom and bath as they are coming to put in the new tub and enclosure today. Well, hopefully they will be here soon.

Peace Out