Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thank God it's almost over

Update on my TOY letter from the principal. Got it back, and when I opened the folder thought it looked okay, hooooowwwwwever, a little closer look she took the "e" off the end of my name alright, but my last name, so now the letter reads Leanne Loony. I give up. I let it go as was because I don't have time to deal with it right now. Took my packet over to ad building this morning at 7.

Have a sweet student teacher. She observed me last 9 weeks. Has already been a big help. It's amazing how soft spoken she is, but the kids seem to respond to her. We'll see.

Having dinner tomorrow night at U of H, one of my AP's is the president of some sorority and they are honoring the Alief TOY's. I've got nothing else going on and I might as well get a free meal.

Got my grades in, but it's amazing how many I've got failing because they are to lazy to do the work, or do it well.

Gotta go,
Love to all of you,

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Update on my life

How do you tell your principal that the letter of recommendation that she has written for you has major errors in it, first starting with the incorrect spelling of my name, and using the word his instead of her. Which really led me to believe she had just altered the letter she had written for the Teacher of the Year last year who happened to be a man. Can we feel the love here. I've asked numerous people what I should do, ask her to correct it or let it go. I feel if I let it go as is a committee member might ask me why I didn't have it correct (hello, principal, suppose to know what she's doing). Others tell me to let it go so the people in the know she how inept she is, except that truly they already know it. It will go into a portfolio, so I set down yesterday and tried in the nicest way possible and with out sounding like a bitch typed up a note asking her to correct it. Whether she will or not I have no idea. I have no visions of getting the districts toy, but I do have my own standards and I couldn't let something go that possibly could embarass not only me, but Pat and the school. On the up side my other four letters are short but truly outstanding and these people know who I really am and what I try to put into my teaching and classroom. Especially my former student who is planning on majoring in history because of me. Way to go Andrew. I have to have all my paperwork to the district by friday, guess what haven't even started on it. Yes, I'm a procrastinator, plus I don't look that great on paper, but I am "f.......g" awesome in the class and person. But I will get it done.

Roped Rachel into going to party today that I really don't want to go to but going anyway. Really wanted to go to Robin's party and sb stores.

Tomorrow is pedi/mani and grading and lesson plans, then it's back to school on Monday. I'm suppose to be getting a student teacher (which makes my AP's laugh since they say there's no way I will let go of my kids, they're probably right) which I haven't heard from. Back to my principal, when I agreed to take the s.t. she told me she would be split between myself and a 7th grade tacher. I'm not sure how my principals nose doesn't grow, as once again she lied. I now have this s.t. full time and trying to get by kids prepared for TAKS as well. I seel major TAKS tutorials coming up in April for them. I'm so blessed to have the kids I have, even the ones I really don't like (2), they are funny and are pretty much open to anything I throw at them. You don't often get a set of students you don't want to let go of, but this group this year is one of them.

Well, I've been verbose (vocab word for classes) long enough.

Love to all,