Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Butt Tattoo

No, I didn't get one there, but it sure seems that way. It's like I'm the only person in the building the new and some old people come to when they have a question to ask or a problem to be solved (hellooo, have they heard of team leaders?). One of my team mates tells me it's because I "exude that type of personality", whatever that means. Oh well, I don't want to hurt them by telling them to get the hell out of my face or not help them out. Hopefully they will pass whatever kindness it was on, you know "pay it forward".

Thrilled all but four of my kiddos passed our DCA, for you old folks we used to call it the nine weeks test. It's not official by the district yet, but my grading it shows they passed. I'm competitive enough that I can hardly wait to see the other two 8th grade teachers grade, but of who have taught this content before. I'm really proud of my students.

Get to go to the National Middle School Conference next Thur.- Sat. here in H-town. Hopefully the following week will be at the GT Conference here. Beth will be home soon. Mom's coming in Dec. Everythings coming on so quickly.

Don't forget to blog your "gratefuls" starting Thursday.

Love to all,

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Butterfly

Found this on Scrapscene and really liked it.

Life Muses by Ro: Hope From a Cell Phone
Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly. – Anonymous
Julianne held her cell phone in her lap as she drove and instinctively, I reached over and took it from her.
“No cell phone.”
She rolled her eyes.
As I held it in my hands, I was surprised that her welcome screen, which usually held photos of her friends, held this lovely quote.
“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly,” I read to her. “That’s nice.”
“I love it,” she smiled. “It means a lot to me.”
I looked at her and realized that my little girl is growing up. I have seen signs for months that the butterfly was emerging from her cocoon. She has discovered that she is intelligent. School is easy for her, now that she is attending every class. She is eager to go to school activities and squeeze every available memory from this very important senior year. She is making new, better friends, smiling in a genuine way and sharing the small details of her life with me.
My little girl is becoming a young woman. A year ago, she thought the world was over, but now – just like the caterpillar - she is beginning to fly.
She will find, as she continues through her life, that each stage brings new opportunities to grow, change and find herself. There will be many times when she will think her life is over. But, as she pushes through those times, she will re-emerge stronger, more beautiful, her wings brilliant and glistening in the sun. I will watch her journey and simply say, “I truly do understand how you are feeling. I’ve been there. You’ll get through this. I know that because I know you and I believe that you can do it. I love you.”
When we think of motherhood, we normally think of being the mother of an infant or small child. But, we will spend the majority of our time with our child as a loving bystander and cheerleader. All we can do is watch them struggle out of their cocoons over and over again and pray that they remember who they are.
“Don’t forget that you are a butterfly,” mothers of adults need to call. “Remember you are loved.”
This is the best gift that we can offer them. The joy comes as they unexpectedly share their newfound wisdom with us.
When I had to remind Julianne today that it isn’t wise to drive with a cell phone in her lap, I didn’t realize that the flow of giving would travel upwards. She didn’t know that I have been struggling in a hard place, trying to get back out of the cocoon pressures of life that have wrapped around me. She didn’t know that I have been lost and am looking for myself again. She didn’t know that I would find hope on the front of her cell phone.The world is not over. Watch me fly.
- Ro

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday In-Service

Yeah, yeah,, I know it's been a while. today at another Sped meeting we were told that it's not on their IEP (for those of you who don't know, Individual Education Program) we can't grade it, we can teach it, but not grade it even if its prior knowledge that they should have learned in order for them to do something else. Give the legislatures and George and Laura Bush a week with my kids especially my Sped kids and let them re-visit no child left behind. My principal is so worried about being drawn into court that is all she is focusing on, and quote" If I go, you're going with me" unquote. It just makes you really want to be in a class room. Took Friday off thanks to my A.P. Funny I had no headache or should stress pain until I walked back into the building today. Once again our fearless leaeders weren't ready for their presentations, then my district person e-mails me asking for DCA data for 7th grade, no one told me that I had to do this since my specialist is out, and oh yes, we were suppose to plan two major assessments and lesson plans for the next six weeks as well as look at the last 8th grade DCA data. Oh did I mention it's only Monday.....