Thursday, December 31, 2009


Last blog for 2009. I know that's not saying a whole lot since I haven't done it much this year. To all of you who occasionally check to see if I do still blog. I hope you had a comfortable 2009 and that the new years brings joy, luck and happiness to each and everyone of you.

As they say in Pirates of the Carribean, this isn't as much a rulebook as a guide to go by. I'm sure things will be modified and changed or ignored completely, but here it is.

GOALS 2010

1. Health
a. Lose 10 pounds
b. Weigh in on Saturday and record
c. Walk three times a week

2. Medical
a. Eyes
b. New blood work (AIC)

3. Scrapping
a. 15 minutes a day to purge
b. Organize pictures
c. Organize scrap room
d. Set up shelves in scrap room
e. Organize stamps and specialty items
f. Use what I have

4. House Clean Up and Organization
a. Stop holding onto things that have no meaning any longer
b. Purge clothing, shoes, drawers, closets, etc…
c. Clean out kitchen, including drawers and cabinets
d. Clean out bathroom cabinets, closets and drawers
e. Paint bathrooms
f. Have downstairs carpet cleaned
g. Fix front window, install plexi- glass
h. Start using what I have instead of buying new

5. Finances
a. $50 to savings on the 1st and 15th before paying bills
b. Pay down credit cards
c. Stop buying unnecessary items

6. Social/Friends
a. Meet with friends at least once a month
b. Keep in better contact with friends in KC

7. Career
a. Decide what to do for next school year
b. Go to transfer fair
c. Read more educational/content based materials
d. Be better prepared for classes

Peace Out until next year

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas at moms and the trip home

Happy happy and Merry merry to everyone. I am the only person I know who can go home to their mothers and not gain weight and in fact lost a couple of pounds.Just got back from KCK last night where we had snow on Christmas Eve, and day and the next day and the next day. Mom had 12-14 inches at her house and the drifts were double that in some places, but my girls went out and played in it and had a good time and I got some once in a lifetime pictures of them. Rachel had never made a snow angel before. It was so cold though and the wind didn't help. Girls went and saw theire grandfather a couple of times and their father was there. I stopped by Christmas Eve for a few minutes, got there in time to see Dean open up his quilt Rachel had made him. The girls going to his house of course prompted my mother once again to tell me how they prefer to spend time out there rather than with her. Sorry mom, thought the every other day thing would work. Always has in the past. You have to understand my mother thinks she's very flexible where sharing the girls with the other family is concerned. It would be different if we did something but we don't. My mom is content to watch TV all day. Anyway, Beth flew out of KC on Monday and Rachel and I left on Monday. Saw an sign on the way to Wichita for a scrapbook store so we took a detour we hadn't planned on (thank you Jack, the GPS0. There was a quilt store next to it so we were both happy. It was an awesome store. Stopped for the night in Pauls Valley, OK. Had probably the worst Mexican food I've ever tasted, (I know you're saying Ok. and Mexican food, come on Leann you've got to be kidding)but the place was packed which is why we decided to eat there. Don't let appearances fool you. Went to Braums afterwards for desert, big mistake as my sugar went to 199. Learned my lesson there. About 2:00 in the morning Rachel's phone goes off and it's Beth. Of course, alarms go off in my head as how can I get to Ca. quickly. Unfortunately, Verizon doesn't work where we are, and neither did the hotels phone. Rachel had to go down to the main desk so they could turn it on. Long story short, Annie (Rachel's dog) had found and eaten a 1/2 box of chocolate covered cherries and Suzanna (who was watching the dogs) freaked. So she ends up at the emergency vet with her where they give her something to induce vomiting. She's fine now. Got up Tuesday to head on home, stopped in Gainesville at a quilt shop and then on to Waxahachie. Rachel heads to the quilt shop and I walk into the Crafty Scrapper where the young lady tells me that everything in the store (yes, I said everything) is 40% off. I've died and gone to heaven. And anything that is in the clearance which is 50% of has another 40 off of that. I actually behaved myself, got some stamps, flowers, a few pieces of paper. Ended up spending 70 but saved 50. Missed the snow in Dallas and got home about 6:30, but it's cold and rainy here. Had to move things from my bedroom and bath as they are coming to put in the new tub and enclosure today. Well, hopefully they will be here soon.

Peace Out

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Dog Days of Summer are ending

Well, it's back to school time. Don't 'cha just love it? New pencils, crayons, cell phones, fighting over what color their socks are, the little urchins. Oops, sorry got carried away. Already know that instead of the 8:45 we used to start with, Fat Pat has us in the class room at 8:15. Yes, that is our contractual beginning, but that 30 minutes allowed teachers to get ready for the day. Oh well, will learn to deal with it I'm sure. I agreed to do a scrapbooking club again this year, I figure it will be mini albums (paper bag books and cheap chip board) and such, more papercraft rather than the cherubs just sticking stickers on a page.

Beth's love of her life (that would be Armando) was here on a short leave and went to lunch with Rachel and I and BJ's. Talking marriage and how to surprise her with an engagement ring. Hasn't asked for approval yet but somehow I doubt that that will matter. He's finished with the Marines and will be out in March then going to school. He's already talking to Pixar Films, at least that's what he says he's doing. Wants to come back to Texas for school. Hopefully, that will get Beth back here too. Sure would like to have both my kids within driving distance.

Rachel begins another year at Hightower, both excited and apprehensive. She's afraid that what she accomplished last year was just a fluke and she got lucky. Tried to tell her that most of the really good teachers think that same thought at sometime in their career.

Well I've put off getting moving long enough. Everyone have a great one!

{Peace Out}


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I passed

June 27th I sat for another certification exam which would allow me to teach any social study course from 8-12th grade, not just history. I took this same exam about two years ago and failed. However, what stopped me from getting a position in the new Early College High School was this certification. The new high school is through a grant so therefore you can't teacher with a years waiver, otherwise I'm pretty sure I'd be going there this year. However, I digress. Last time I didn't study and missed passing by like 2, this time I passed with flying colors (about an 84). There is so much stuff on the exam that if I ever had it I certainly don't remember it, but I guess I managed to figure some of it out this time. Now as my district coordinator says: "now they can stick you anywhere".

Peace Out

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Can you speel D-i-a-b-e-t-e-s?

Hello, my names Leann and I am a diabetic. What does that mean, not real sure yet. However I do know that I got the brush off from my doctor's office yesterday. I left a messge for my PA (Tracy) to call me today. Instead, I get a call from one of the nurses who said that Tracy had passed the call back to her. I told her I wanted to talk to Tracy. She says that Tracy wants me to come in for a follow up visit so she can discuss everything with me. I ask "why wasn't I told this yesterday?". First she asked me who I spoke with as she was the normal person to handle these type of calls, I said I don't know, then the young lady asked how long I had been on the meds for glucose control, I said for a while. She then asked me to hold for a moment to look at my file more in depth. Seems as if the first person assumed by looking at my file that since I was already on meds for glucose control that I had been diagnosed previously. Obviously someone's not looking very closely at their files. I aksed why I had to wait a week for the results and that I had to call when I was told the results would be back last Thursday afternoon. She danced around it and said we always tell our patients it may take up to a week to get back to them. Guess what, no one told me that.

But it is what it is. I'm going to talk to Tracy a week from Monday and taking Rachel and Beth with me so I make sure I'm hearing everything. I did ask the girl whether WW was a good plan to be on, and she said it was but while they let you have sweets that I have to watch both my sugars and my carbs.

So I'll keep all informed or at least those who are interested in the continuing saga that has resulted from my stupid decisions that have gotten me here.

Peace Out

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well, weighed in yesterday and lost 4.4 lbs, Rachel lost 4. So I'm okay with that and I think she is too. Found out that Mark and his "live in" made up, but I'm betting on it not lasting. He'll try to make it work but it won't last, or who knows maybe it will, whatever. Haven't heard from the doctors office yet about my blood work which it took them forever to find a vein. Not the girls fault, she tried to make it the least painful as possible. However when I asked her when the results would be back she said that same day. Well, that was Thursday and still haven't heard from them. I hoping against hope that I'm pre-diabetic, but I've been on the metroformin for that so I have a feeling this time will be the real thing, bummer..., no one to blame but myself.

Well, gotta go.
Peace Out

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I guess I haven't blogged in such a long time no one looks anymore. Oh well, no big deal, I'm writing for me anyway. Was looking back on my past musings and came across a year ago. Today is the one year anniversary of Able's passing. Now to many they either think "what's the big deal, he was just a dog", or "get over it already". Well to us he was more than an animal, he held a part of our hearts. It's really funny, Harley found a part of Able's old toy today and was tossing it around like Able use to. Able J. McGuire Looney - rest in peace, we miss you terribly and love you.

Moving on - Rachel talked to Beth this morning. Interesting conversation. It seems he and his
"significant other" are splitting. Everybody say "aaahhh". Yeah, whatever. Seems they've been fighting for two years and he finds more time to spend at work (hmmm, deja vu here). I don't know what goes around comes around but it is what it is. Since his mom's passing and he just lost her sister as well he must be looking at his own mortality or something. He helping Rachel pay her bills, continuing to pay Beth's living expenses until she finds a job, a convinced her to at least get a part time job rather than sitting around the house. Is going to offer his sister and her brood (8-9 altogether) (husbands been out of work 2+ years) to come move in with him, evidently he has a large house. Well, I hope for his sake he finds whatever peace he's looking for. I'm glad he has some kind of relationship with his two daughters, although with Rachel it will never be a normal one. I asked her if she had any good memories of him from growing up and she said a few. She said he was nicer at waking her up than I was, that he would say her name which never worked then would pull her over to give her a hug and pull her the rest of the way out of the bed.

Weight Watchers is on-going. I have a feeling I'm doing much better than Rachel, but then I'm working the plan so it will work a lot harder than she is. My scales say's I've lost about 6 lbs without clothers on. Hope it looks that way on Saturdays weight in.

Well, need to go run errands.

Peace Out
H and K

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rachel and I started weight watchers last Saturday. I've done it before so I know it works, a lot of its mental though just like everything in life. My hope is that Rachel loses something her first week other wise she'll probably give up. We met a really good friend at the meeting and sat throught the initial process together.

My doctors office called and told me they wanted to run another blood test to see if I'm glucose intolerate or diabetic. As much as I don't want it to be I will probably be diagnosed with diabetes which really scare me. My dad had it and so does my brother. Of course Chris and I have never really watched our diet or exercised, so I have no one to blame but myself. If I decide to tell my mom if that is what they tell me, then I'll have to listen to her, "I told you to watch your weight". One thing I won't do is blame my father like Chris did, I did this to myself, if it's genetic that's an added factor but no one is to blame but me.

Well off to run errands. Need to start studying for a certification test so I can possibly get into the Early College High School next year and teach there. I've taken the test once before but failed it by two and that was without studying. However, I took the on-line practice test and failed it miserably.

Peace Out
Hugs and Kisses

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well, let's see if anyone is reading this. It's been a while (marchish). School is finally out, thank you God. Finished packing the room up such as it is yesterday. Beth's really good friend Susanna (whose been shadowing some of my teachers and me for hours) came up to help finish it up. Love you Susie. Now if Pat (principal) could only decide what she wants me to teach next year. Last Thursday, May (my specialist) says she doesn't want me to be blind sided and tells me that I probably won't be teaching Pre AP next year, okay, I'm not happy but will deal with it. Spoke to my AP about it,she said tht's not the conversation she had about it. Oh, yeah, it gets better. Monday, I'm at school and Pat wants me to think over teaching 7th grade again because we have a new male teacher whose never taught (what is it with me a these guys) and a teacher whose been our health/coach who needs to get out of coaching, but hey he's taught a little history, but I may have to feed him the lesson plans. She says she's doing this for leadership, no reflection on my teaching or TAKS scores. Once again, my AP says that not the conversation she had with Pat Today (Tuesday) I get a call from her secretary telling me that Mrs. Brown wanted her to let me know that I will be teaching 8th grade again this year. Talked to my AP, once again not the conversation she was involved in. I'll probably be teaching 8th again, but not sure if I'll have only on-level classes or both types, possibility of another 8th grade teacher getting a section of Pre AP (please note this teacher has the sccond lowest scores in the school and signed her PDAS with reservations,which I'm not suppose to know). All I want to know is do I plan for 8th grade this summer or 7th grade and not walk into a wall when I get back to school. Anyway.... it is what it is.

Summer is already full. I go tomorrow to see what can be done about this heel spur. Rachel and I start Weight Watchers this week. Helping out with Kids Kamp at the Village. Planning on going home for a week. Seven days of professional development. Trying to get some scrapping in. Have repairs that have to be done around the house, then before I can turn around and say "kiss my ....", school will be back in session.

Gotta go,
Peace Out
Hugs and Kisses,

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eliziabeth Anne (AAAARRRGGHH)

Well, got informed yesterday that Beth has decided to take a semester academic leave. Says she hates the program and thinks she should pursue finding a job to see which direction she wants to go (including moving closer to Armando) and then possibly second semester go back part time. So I guess she's trying to find herself. What she is going to find is that her father won't be paying her living expenses if she's not in school, and I certainly can't. But you can't tell this one anything, so we'll see what happens a pray a lot.

Rachel is having a cyst removed next Friday morning so I'll be with her part of the day and then see how things are at the house with her. Currently scheduled to go to Sorority for the afternoon, but right now have to play it by ear.

Math TAKS Tuesday. Getting close to Social Studies. Right now, based on the information I have only 80% of 8th graders in all classes would pass it. While that doesn't sound bad, last year we had 98% passing.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Hugs and Kisses
Peace Out

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Daily up date

Wednesday's come and gone (almost). Alief is starting a new program at the high school level for "certain" eligible kids who over the next four years (9-12) will work on their high school credits and complete two years of community college at the same time. Sounds very cool, small classes, stand alone building. I digress, my counselor rode up with me in the elevator this am and said" oh, I threw out your name the other day". Oh for what? Talking to the counselor who's in charge of this new program I told her if she was looking for a great history teacher who was committed to the kids and would be perfect for a position that I had one for her. Now I know it's a long shot, but it's nice to hear when someone recognizes what you are doing and passes it on. There's a lot other teachers in Alief better qualified than I am, but it was super sweet of Doris to mention me.

Well, I'm like Carol tonight, off to bed early.

Hugs and Kisses
Peace Out

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This and that

This time last year I had a student teacher doing the work. I'm kind of creating lesson plans as I go, oh well, the kids don't know any different.

Had dinner with Carol tonight then went to SV for NYOBC. Kristen was there, need I say more....

Did the taxes last night, I owe, the girls get money.

Scrapping Friday night at the Village

Rachel's going to have a cyst removed from her back on Good Friday. She has had this thing for ever in the middle of her bacck, but recently it's been hurting and growing so out it comes.

Only 40 somedays til schools out, can hardly wait.

Hugs and Kisses
Peace Out

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yeah, it's over

Well Thursdays over with. Spoke with my cherubs mom, very nice lady. Of course her child had told her a whole different version of what went on. Luckily I had my AP in the roon when I talked to her. So for now everything is calm, tomorrow may be another day. Found out before I left school one of my pains in the keisters is leaving. Which is good, because she's the leader of the group that my other cherubs hangs with and follows around. Can hardly wait for tomorrow to be over with.

Hugs and kisses
Peace out

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Well, get to meet with a mom tomorrow about her cherub of a daughter. Cayli is bright and there is no doubt about it. But boy is she and her attitude to big for her tight britches. Needless to say I had an interaction with this child today, trust me it's been building. In talking to her AP, Paula tells me that she is a Katrina child, mom has come to the land of opportunity, and thinks Cayli is her gift from God to the land of opportunity and that she is trying to find herself. Well, et me tell you she knows just fine who she is. Has the New Orleans arrogance and has not and has no plans to lose it. Get over the issue, that storm blew threw a while back. So tomorrow should be interesting. I'll have to watch myself around this one, she's devious enough to fabricate something and get her friends to back her up.

Week is moving by which is great. Weekend will be spent with scrapping and friends. Look forward to that. Until later,

Hugs and Kisses
Peace Out

Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Monday

Well, back to the grind stone. Actually as a Monday after a break it wasn't too bad. Got our last district assessment scores which really sucked. Not sure what else I can do but take the test for them(lol), gotta keep my humor about this, in two + months these little darlings will be gone, oh darn.....

Rachel has a consultation tomorrow with a surgeon. She's had a spot on her back for a very long time and it has started to change and grow, so she's going to talk to him about surgery.

Love the new washer and dryer, they are so quiet. Must go wash more clothes.

Hugs and Kisses
Peace Out


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let's give this a shot again

Ignore the last posting, hit something I shouldn't have.

Spring Break, come and gone already. Here's a run down though...

* Spent a couple of days at Matagorda Bay
* Went shopping
* Got a new LG front loading washer and dryer - finally got them installed after three days of trying. Had to replace faucet handles on water source before they could hook them up. $200 to have that done.
* Rachel had a fender bender in new card, mucho depressed
* Went shopping
* Tried to get nails done today, but shop closed for a wedding in the family, have to wait til Wednesday, what's another three days since the last time I had this done was a month ago.
* Worked on lesson plans (pooh)
* Had dinner with Kim and Carol, good times, always something wierd happens at dinner, it must be the combination of the three of us
* Went and saw Race to Witch Mountain, love Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, cute movie.
* Went shopping
* Went to Michaels, Archivers, Novel Approach, Amore Memories and Hobby Lobby

Going to try to be more like Carol and others who post more often than every three months. Hope someone's reading this.

Carol - thanks for telling me how to change the background. You were right, very simple. Lots to choose from so I'll be changin with my moof.

Hugs and kisses
Peace Out