Tuesday, July 20, 2010

yes, yes, yes

Well, another day of basically getting nothing done. Had lunch with C and K, always enjoyable, went by the new campus to see how things are progressing on the new building. I don't think anythings even been started on it as it looked the same as it did two months ago.

had a talk with the girls last night, actually I talked and then they talked to each other (finally), so here's hoping there will be a little more open communication in my house. getting them to talk to each other is the hard part, but with a little push it works.

trying to get ready mentally to go to Kansas, I have to prepare myself for my mother sometimes, i already hear she's angry at my brother because he won't be there when I am. chris goes to scout camp this time every year, i know that and he knows that, it's no big deal i'll catch up with him later, but this year's mom is upset over it. then there's the subject of my girls not wanting to spend time with her when they are there. she's always been somewhat envious of my in-laws and their relationship with my girls, and finally my weight and my health. Yes, mom i kow you are concerned, yes i know i have diabetes, yes, yes, yes.....

need to start working on school, haven't done anything on it yet. i have seven days of PD before going back to school, need to hop on it.

well Ozians have a great day


Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello Ozians -

Went to Covey training today, not quite what I expected, I guess we just haven't reached that part yet (the organization). Nothing much else is happening, had a great lunch yesterday with Carol, she always inspires me to work in my craft room. Was able to vent about it, let's just say I'm at the point I want to haul in a dumpster and toss it all, I'm so overwhelmed by it all. I could open my own store, of course you'd only have two sheets of each paper to chose from. I have to remember I'm not going to get it done in two hours. I feel like I'm reshuffling things and just spinning my wheels. Oh well, have promisedmy self I'd spend an hour or so a day on it. I guess that needs to go into the organizational part of Covey.

Well, just wanted to say "hejo" (as Beth would say)

Peace out and have an Ozian sort of day

Monday, July 5, 2010


If you ever have the chance to see this amazing musical, DO IT!!!!Rachel and I went last night (July 4th) which in itself is crazy to go to downtown Houston on that day to see this. This is the third time for her and I can see why. It's really an amazing show. Of course, being big OZ fans it's understandable that we both were really into it. The whole thing is awesome from the costumes (loved those)to the music, dancing and sets. It was fun to have a night out with her.

Well, have three days of PD this week, Covey training. People I talked to who have taken it said yeah, it was okay, but takes a lot of time. Oh well, always wanted to take it but it never worked out, so here goes.

well I'm off to do whatever. Have a Ozian day!

Peace Out