Thursday, July 17, 2008

Update on my life.

It's been a month since Able left us and still the tears come. Rachel and I are both having a very tough time with this and can't really figure out why since we've lost dogs before. He was such a part of us and who we are.

Taught at the Village Saturday and it was one long class. But really a pretty fantastic class. There were five of us and I must say I learned a few things myself, even from Suzanne. If you haven't met Catherine Smith once you get use to her quirkiness she's really sweet. She is a very talented artist and works outside the box alot. One of her projects was making a card using Perfect Pearls and a dress pattern, yep you heard right a dress pattern, who'd a thunk it... Already working out ideas for a couple of classes. One will be a black and white layout using a Technique Tuesday stamps, an acrylic album class and an acrylic card class (with Catherine). By the way if you've never looked at the Technique Tuesday Idea Book/Catalog it's really got some fabulous ideas in it. I've ordered one so when it gets here I'll share. Phyllis and I talked yesterday about doing an accucut class which is now in the works, just finding a schedule.

Trying to get things organized between school and the house. Beth is working at B&N at Pearland thanks to Rachel. Rachels actually there too for a couple of days to help out. Beth has a promise ring on her finger. Got it for her one year anniversay. Yeah, she's head over heels. What can I say....

Meeting Carol and Kim for lunch, seems like I haven't seen them forever. I'll try to do better about blogging, but there's a reason I don't make New Years resolutions.