Friday, November 30, 2007

Thankful that today is November 30th. I guess I didn't realize how long November really was. But thanks to everyone who hung in there for the challenge. Hope you got something out of it.

Love to you all,

Monday, November 26, 2007

Almost over

Thankful that my blood work came back showing my glucose had dropped from 134 to 101, three more points to get it on the high side of normal. thankful that I saw my specialist and her little one, Gabriel today. Thankful the I have people who need me at school even though it is a pain at times, thankful for the coach who stepped in a knock a kid down a peg or two after he decided he wasn't going to listen to me. Thankful I have wonderful AP's. Thankful my baby got back to Albuquerque okay, thankful that Rachel found the Wii's for her a Beth for Christmas and now I don't have to sweat over that. Thankful for all of you.

Love to all of you,

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Just thanks

I am thankful that the weather makes it seem like winter(ish) even if it is raining. I glad I've had Beth here and that she has had time to spend with her sister, myself and her friends and dogs. That she will be back in less than a month. Thankful that the gal who took my blood the other day was good and the bruise isn't to big. Thankful that I have all of you. Thankful that Kim is getting her next round of plastics done, she'll be fabulous by New Years. Thankful that another day was here for us to enjoy.

Love to all of you,

Friends and fuzzies

I am thankful that I have great friends that I can spend the with and who have the same addiction as as I do and share with me when they win.Thankful I have a dog who loves me even when I'm not feeling warm and fuzzy towards him when he wakes me up at 6 in the morning because he is frightened of storms but is telling me that he needs me to comfort him and heck I can sleep later. I am thankful for the guy who fixed my electrical outlets the other day and showed me that my kitchen light wasn't out but I am lightbulb illiterate since I obviously kept putting them in wrong. Now I have great light in the kitchen. Thankful that the ground is getting a drink, but not that it's Friday and vacation is almost over and my baby has to go back on Sunday. Thankful that I can go back to sleep since I have no where I need to go. Thankful for all of you.

Love to you all,

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am thankful that my two girls are enjoying each other and that I broke the news to my mother about Armando (Beth's love) and his being hispanic. However, she appears to be okay with it, and if not it not her life. I am thankful that while my girls expect me to go all out and cook the traditional with them, that I don't have to serve it at a table, which is covered with school papers that need to be attended to. Thankful that Kim could join us last night for dinner even though she's not with us today. Thankful that she and all my really close "sista's" are genuinly interested in my children and speak to them in such a way that they feel special. After all they are extensions of me which may be good or bad. It was interesting to hear Rachel speak to Kim about her father and not using the term "sperm donor". I am happy the weather feels like Thanksgiving. I am grateful and thankful and extremely fortunate that I have friends like all of you. Hope you day has been sweet, genuine and complete.

Love to you all,

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Bubba's home

My baby girl came home and for this I'm amy grateful. I miss her when she's not here. So I'll be cooking for the three of us and giving thanks for my two really good things I did in my life. I am fortunate to have to great kids and strong women.

To all of you, I wish you a Happy Turkey Day.

Love to all,

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm grateful that I am not inept like my principal and her mini-me appear to be. It takes so little to communicate with people, but when there isn't any communication things get really screwed up. Trust me when I say that statement.

I'm grateful that it is Tuesday and I have one more day at school before I get to start my Thanksgiving break early. No, I didn't get fired, just get to go to a conference, but it entails (sp?) a lot a prep time to get stuff ready for a sub only to have them either not do it or have them half ass do it. My sub last week spent quite a bi of time on his lap top palying solitare and using his bluetooth to talk on his phone.

Well, to all of my friends, enjoy hump day and the rest of the week.

Love to all,

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Small things

I'm grateful that y'all aren't reminding me I'm the one who started this when I don't blog daily. Today I'm grateful that it is Sunday, even though I have a ton of things to do before tomorrow. I came away from the conference with great ideas, met some fantastic people, became rejuvenated and overwhelmed all at the same time, have so many new ideas I want to try with my kids. Listened to a man by the name of Mark McLeod, he's like the Joel Olsteen for teachers, dynamic, motivating and funny. Rachel disagrees with me, she says people who follow Joel O. are sheep and can't think for themselves. All I know there is a rather large "herd" following that man (JO), but not me. However, back to Mark. If I could bring to my class and even my own life a 10th of what this man seems to have I'd be way ahead of the learning curve. This is the speaker that any school district needs to have, well him and John Antonetti, oh and maybe Tim H., just because I love him.

Love to all,

Thursday, November 8, 2007


Thankful that no one pointed out that I didn't blog on Wednesday.

Thankful that my witch of a principal let me go to this conference, and that she (keeping my fingers crossed) has figured out that I'm going to another one next week. I went to 2 out of 3 good presentations, got a bunch of goodies and saw some friends I no longer get to see because they've either retired or moved on.

Love to all,

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Catch Up

Woke up this morning and felt awful that I had forgotten to blog yesterday. Monday-grateful for Starbucks. Love it, love it, love it and am addicted to it. Gives me something to look forward to and to start off my day.

Tuesday - grateful that I only have one more day of school this week, that my tutorial kids who came to class afterschool to finish up a grade actually came and had a good time. That my Sped person left me almond roca in my mail box with a thank you for all I had been doing. Trust me we don't get that often at my school. Thankful for Able and Annie, my doodlebug dogs who love me unconditionally.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

grateful/not so grateful

I am grateful that I found out that my baby is coming home in two weeks for Thanksgiving, it will be short but I haven't seen her since this summer and miss her terribly. Spend a fab night with the "pinkettes' Friday and got three design team layouts done. That is major for me right now since I can't get in sync with my muse to create. I think Carol was right though, I'm trying to work with bright, cheerful colors and it's not that I don't like bright and cheerful but I prefer muted, brocades, vintage, antique, vulnerable colors. Still have to do a layout with BG school stuff. Thinking of finding pictures of me in elementary, that should be fun. Not so grateful have to go back to school tomorrow, having trouble with lesson plans, in uncharted waters for me right now. Double edgesdsword - I only have three days at school this week, but missing two days with my kids put them behind. Oh well , I guess we'll play catch up.

Good job to all those who are keeping up.

Love to all,

Saturday, November 3, 2007


I'm thankful it's Saturday and I got to sleep in, same number of hours of sleep but the clock had a different time on it when I woke up. Thankful that my stint for techniques at the Village are over. I really don't do it for "them" anymore, it's more for me because when I have people who come to take instruction just from me or walk away and say that was amazing and I learned something from it, or how do I do this or can I do this, or what about this it just gives me the pat on the back that I always seem to need and am still afraid I'll never get or that's it's being said just because they feel they have to, but I still like it. OBTW, Pammie "thanked me for helping out" as I was leaving today. Thankful, thankful, thankful....

Love to all,

Friday, November 2, 2007


I'm am extremely thankful that it is Friday and that I can go do something I truly love to do. Spend time with my pinkettes and scrapbook. I am thankful that I can sleep in in the morning. I am thankful I didn't kill my mentee after what I heard she said about me behind my back. I am thankful for three great AP's. I am very thankful that no one seems to have figured out that I'm going to two conferences within a two week span. Probably just jinxed myself.

Love to all,

Thursday, November 1, 2007


It's my challenge and I almost forgot to do it. I'm working on the Common Assessment for the 7th grade for next week.

I am grateful that I have a specialist who hopefully will be coming back at the first of the year and I won't have to wear her hat anymore. Now I know why I didn't apply for the position, and for that I'm grateful also.

Thanks to all who picked up the challenge. Remember only 29 days to go.(LOL)

Love to all,

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Butt Tattoo

No, I didn't get one there, but it sure seems that way. It's like I'm the only person in the building the new and some old people come to when they have a question to ask or a problem to be solved (hellooo, have they heard of team leaders?). One of my team mates tells me it's because I "exude that type of personality", whatever that means. Oh well, I don't want to hurt them by telling them to get the hell out of my face or not help them out. Hopefully they will pass whatever kindness it was on, you know "pay it forward".

Thrilled all but four of my kiddos passed our DCA, for you old folks we used to call it the nine weeks test. It's not official by the district yet, but my grading it shows they passed. I'm competitive enough that I can hardly wait to see the other two 8th grade teachers grade, but of who have taught this content before. I'm really proud of my students.

Get to go to the National Middle School Conference next Thur.- Sat. here in H-town. Hopefully the following week will be at the GT Conference here. Beth will be home soon. Mom's coming in Dec. Everythings coming on so quickly.

Don't forget to blog your "gratefuls" starting Thursday.

Love to all,

Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Butterfly

Found this on Scrapscene and really liked it.

Life Muses by Ro: Hope From a Cell Phone
Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly. – Anonymous
Julianne held her cell phone in her lap as she drove and instinctively, I reached over and took it from her.
“No cell phone.”
She rolled her eyes.
As I held it in my hands, I was surprised that her welcome screen, which usually held photos of her friends, held this lovely quote.
“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly,” I read to her. “That’s nice.”
“I love it,” she smiled. “It means a lot to me.”
I looked at her and realized that my little girl is growing up. I have seen signs for months that the butterfly was emerging from her cocoon. She has discovered that she is intelligent. School is easy for her, now that she is attending every class. She is eager to go to school activities and squeeze every available memory from this very important senior year. She is making new, better friends, smiling in a genuine way and sharing the small details of her life with me.
My little girl is becoming a young woman. A year ago, she thought the world was over, but now – just like the caterpillar - she is beginning to fly.
She will find, as she continues through her life, that each stage brings new opportunities to grow, change and find herself. There will be many times when she will think her life is over. But, as she pushes through those times, she will re-emerge stronger, more beautiful, her wings brilliant and glistening in the sun. I will watch her journey and simply say, “I truly do understand how you are feeling. I’ve been there. You’ll get through this. I know that because I know you and I believe that you can do it. I love you.”
When we think of motherhood, we normally think of being the mother of an infant or small child. But, we will spend the majority of our time with our child as a loving bystander and cheerleader. All we can do is watch them struggle out of their cocoons over and over again and pray that they remember who they are.
“Don’t forget that you are a butterfly,” mothers of adults need to call. “Remember you are loved.”
This is the best gift that we can offer them. The joy comes as they unexpectedly share their newfound wisdom with us.
When I had to remind Julianne today that it isn’t wise to drive with a cell phone in her lap, I didn’t realize that the flow of giving would travel upwards. She didn’t know that I have been struggling in a hard place, trying to get back out of the cocoon pressures of life that have wrapped around me. She didn’t know that I have been lost and am looking for myself again. She didn’t know that I would find hope on the front of her cell phone.The world is not over. Watch me fly.
- Ro

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday In-Service

Yeah, yeah,, I know it's been a while. today at another Sped meeting we were told that it's not on their IEP (for those of you who don't know, Individual Education Program) we can't grade it, we can teach it, but not grade it even if its prior knowledge that they should have learned in order for them to do something else. Give the legislatures and George and Laura Bush a week with my kids especially my Sped kids and let them re-visit no child left behind. My principal is so worried about being drawn into court that is all she is focusing on, and quote" If I go, you're going with me" unquote. It just makes you really want to be in a class room. Took Friday off thanks to my A.P. Funny I had no headache or should stress pain until I walked back into the building today. Once again our fearless leaeders weren't ready for their presentations, then my district person e-mails me asking for DCA data for 7th grade, no one told me that I had to do this since my specialist is out, and oh yes, we were suppose to plan two major assessments and lesson plans for the next six weeks as well as look at the last 8th grade DCA data. Oh did I mention it's only Monday.....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

No title

My life is being consumed by school. I find I really don't have time to do anything else. I cancelled a class for SV I was planning, I haven't done design team, haven't done anything that deals with paper except 8 1/2 x 11 paper. I'm either creating lesson plans, grading (really far behind on that), mentoring, WINGS committee, dept chair, etc. etc. etc.... Got to find me time. I walk into school on the run and walk out on the run. Days fly by though. Can't get straight answers from our Sped dept, they keep passing the buck and telling us to deal with it. I love my school this year though, except for passing periods. I think we should learn how to beam them from class to class. I know I sound like a broken record, but considering everything this school year is going well. Gave my first major test today. All my class averages were above 76, even Sped average was 68 so I'm thankful that I'm not blowing instructions completely. To all my friends, love you for listening.


Sunday, September 2, 2007


Hello all. Well it was a busy week, but went much smoother than any first week I can remember. I love telling those who left my school for other venues how wonderful it is there. I like watching their faces as they try to absorb what I'm telling them. I like how people think they can put their spin on something and then forget (LOL) to tell you about things like three hour lunches at their place. My muse has appeared to have left me. I have these cool ideas but am so much in chaos still just can't make myself do it. Kim, Carol and Raygun, thanks for the eening. Kim, probably by the time I see you again you will be missing some of your physical being, but never your true self. Hang in there, it's almost time for the butterfly to emerge. Remember float like a butterfly, but always remember to sting like a bee. Basically, be beautiful and gracious but get your point cross. Carol, you're the bomb. I'm glad to have you guys. House isn't coming like I want it to, but like me it's a work in progress. When it is done I'm having everybody over for dinner. Well, it's midnight. Gotta go.

Love to all,

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I'm back!

Well, here I am again. I am exhausted, however everyone loved my first day of school outfit. Whoever created heels was insane. It's been an interesting two days. However, I must say the I've never had a smoother first day of school. My three new AP's are awesome. I just came from a training session at the gym where I haven't been since the first of June, but I feel really good coming out of it. Rachel and I are staying home this weekend to try to finish the house and get it put back together, then there are those ever present lesson plans I have to do. I'll try to be more diligent in blogging. Kim I'm excited for you and your plans for next week. Please let me know if I can help. Love to all of you. Miss you when I don't see you regularly. Dinner this week? FYI: I have a 7:30 training on Thursday.


Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Okay, here's a response to Carol's challenge

August 1: A - authentic
August 2: B - Basic
August 3: C - Caring
August 4: D - Diva
August 5: E - Excited
August 6: F - Familiar
August 7: G - Grateful
August 8: H - Happy
August 9: I - Ilustrating
August 10: J - Juggling

Well, that brings me up to a week from Friday

See ya!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness....

Well, it's hard to believe that summers almost over for me. I've basically got nothing done a did anything I said I would do... And it's been forever since I've blogged. Went to CHA, had a great time with Dana and Jane before it started. Awesome stuff coming out quickly, P & K did really well in ordering. However, brought back major allergies with me so I'm being tested on Friday, yuck. Also had bloodwork done and my glucose is elevated so I'm going on some RX to try to help bring it down. Really need to work on this as my brother became either borderline or is type II when he was 51. Need to eat better and to get back to the gym to exercise.

If you are ever out shopping with me and I look at another piece of paper or magazine, call the men in the little white coats. I'm in need of a serious intervention, not to mention the money being spent . I've come to the realization that I'm more of a collector right now than a scrapbook diva. I'm trying to get the house ready for the guy to measure for my carpet and tile and am in what use to be the dining room, yes we did eat at home at one time. There is so much shit still in there it is unbelievable, not to mention all the plastic containers that I've got to figure out what to do with ( guess I was a collector of them too). I could never buy another piece of paper, flower , rub on or embellishment and have enough to last a life time and enough left over for my girls to sell on e-bay.

Going to the Village tomorrow afternoon to prep and to make calls for my class on Saturday. I think I'm going to put my teaching gig there on hold after the two last classes I've already told them I would do. Just not feeling warm and fuzzy there anymore. I'll scrap there occasionally and do bookclub but I think my days will be limited there.

Carol, have a great time on your trip, don't fall overboard and have a drink for me. Kim, congrats on your surgery date, you're going to look "faaabulous, darling". Everyone else, hang in there and we'll get together sometime and catch up.

Love to all,

Friday, July 13, 2007

What's the buzz

Well, it appears I'm the only one up to blogging these days. Went to the new store in Clear Lake that everyone is "Buzzing" about. It's very nice, lots of pink. They carry complete lines of designers and have the major ones, can't really remember if I saw Basic Grey there or not. Very nice people, owner and help are from Just 4 fun. Lots of Maya Road, got a very cool scalloped edge 3x5 bare album. Should be an interesting place to check out now and again. Off to Chicago on Monday to see all the new goodies, know more what I'm doing this year and what to take. Got Tinker back home again yesterday, Annie and Able checked his box out and were satisfied he was well. Those of you who have been making fun of me scrapbooking him, just watch out I may do it. Tim Holtz finally came into the Village, yeah. I'm hosting NYOBC this Sunday, so if you're out and about come on down, you know it will be a fun time with me doing it. Flower Power is the new book and we're masking. Really some cook stuff in the pack and the paper is very nice.

See ya,

Friday, July 6, 2007


We lose many things in our lives, sometimes by accident, often by choice. I had to lose something near and dear by choice to me this morning. We had to put my oldest dog, Tinker to sleep this morning. His quality of life was progressively getting worse and I no longer wanted him to suffer. I am thankful for Rachel as she does things for me that would break my heart. She took him to the vets for me. I know it was hard on her but she didn't want to see me upset any more than I already was. I am thankful Beth was here so she could say her goodbye as well. I know he is better off, but that makes it hurt no less. I know in my heart he is with my Dad who will watch over him.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Thursday, June 21, 2007

To 10 things in my life

Hopefully I have more than ten, but here goes with the first ones.
1. My girls, having them is an immense joy, privledge and pleasure.
2. My family in KC. My mom who accepts me as I am, unconditionally. My sister (in-law), Faith, who also has never been an in-law, my brother, nieces and nephews, aunt, former in-laws and dearest friends Larry and Athena (a little long-winded there).
3. My relationship with God. Who is always there also even though I tend to forget. And who always never gives me more than I can handle even though I don't always agree with it. This probably should be nearer the top, but he understands.
4. My true friends, who let me be, who agree to disagree and don't hold it against me when we do, those who listen to me vent, bitch, complain and whine and those who love me in spite of everything and everyone else around me.
5. My angels who constantly surround me and envelope me in their wings when I need it.
6. My three faithful companions who give me joy and frustration (Annie, Able and Tinker).
7. A roof over my families head and a car that runs well and a job which helps me to keeps them.
8. Time off this summer to do things I haven't done in a long time.
9. Taking time to look inside of myself to see what I need to let go of and finding the strength to do it.
10. Having fun and enjoying the life.

Well I guess that's it for now. These will probably change, evolve and revolve. But as a friend of mine says "it is, what it is".

Love and peace to all

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's about time

It's been a while since i did my thing here. Surprised I didn't kid more comments. I love to read your guy's blogs and feel disappointed if there isn't something new for me to read. However, this doesn't apply to me of course. Up to dateness: Went to Austis a coupld of weeks ago for an in-service and was really impressed by the Yankees who did it, hopefully I can apply it in my new 8th grade classes. Cancelled my three day in-service this week because I was on a roll with working on my house.. I can see the floors in the down stairs (well except the dining room), and boy are they dirty. I've got a long ways to go but it's a start. Leaving Friday with my two baby girls to go home to see my mom and others. Part of me is apprehensive, because I have to keep everybody happy and try to do everything everyone wants to do, keep my oldest from having issues with my mom (and thinking her house is haunted (just my dad)) and seeing everyone that I must see. My kids don't really understand family duties and how important they are to older people. Will be back at the end of next week, and then Beth will stay for another week, yeah... Already know what I'm doing for bookclub, my Two Days with Tim paperbag album, can hardly wait to start on it. Working on reasearch on my dads service in China, Burma and India during WWII, but need some information from my mom. Unfortunately, or not, they didn't know each other then so I've got no letters or anything to work with. Working on research of the 40 and 8, which is a military "thing" for my grandfather. Got to figure out where I start teaching. I've never taught to the TAKs, and I'm bound and determined to have high scores in not only my Pre AP kids but on level as well. However, maybe if I screw up she'll move me back to 7th grade next year (lol). Then comes more in-services and off to Chicago to CHA with the Village People. To all of you that I love and adore have a great week and remember to take deep breaths and smell the lavender.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Outside the box

Oh my gosh. We were so far outside the box with Timmie (for those of you who don't know, that would be the Tim Holtz.)(LOL) that we couldn't even see what it was made of. This was an all time high for me, up close and personal with him, he answered questions, gave positive feedback, answered more questions, made jokes, laughed, talked, answered more questions, challenged, feathers, beeswax, skeletons, crowns, etc... Can not say enough. The three classes I took were incredible, can I say it again INCREDIBLE. I learned so much and worked with mediums I have never before worked with, and spent lots of money on top of it all.

Now the best part of the whole weeked, was spending time with Mechiel and June-bug. It was awesome. Got to teach them a class Saturday night. Bought back lots of ideas to work with. Everything is signed by him and do we have pictures. We scrapped Friday night at Scrapbook Heaven, I actually got two layouts done, my challenge from last week and my bookclub, haven't done that in a long time. Saturday before my class we went to Stamp Antonio. Wait 'til you see my new stamps (hint: Time Holtz). Well, I'm sleepy, time to go nite-nite. Missed you all. Mechiel and June great times with great friends.


Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

To those who have served without question, we thank you for without you we would not survive. To those who serve and question we thank you for helping those who are "in", remember they still have to answer to someone, and that is the citizens. Being an American and having freedom doesn't come without a price, and I don't think we should hand it to those who want to enter our nation and enjoy our liberties tied with a silver bow on a platter. We have paid the price more than many, and continue to do so in a country that now tells us either to get out or don't give them timetables, that we have no right to do so. My father was a patriot and he raised me with a sense of dignity and what is right for our country. Do I always agree with our leaders? Certainly not, however they have been placed in a position by people who feel they can lead the best, and until the time comes to change that we must live with it. I remember as a child getting red poppies from the men and women of the VFW. The poppies were to remind us of the blood that was shed so others can enjoy what many do not share but we have and many take for granted. I ask each of my friends to take a moment and remember and thank those who have stood for us when others have failed to do so.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Summer's here, and the living is good

Finally the end of the year. It was tough. End of year was harder than I thought it would be. I shed a bunch of tears on Thursday. I've got people leaving who have been there since the day I walked through the doors, people who have mentored me, listened to me, befriended me and taught me so much. I can never repay these people. They are good, kind and honest human beings. Going to our un-official end of year party tonight, our old principal always threw it, now it has passed on. Have to award the B.o.t.Y. (Bitch of the Year) award tonight. Always did that at school also, so I'm officially retiring it.

I'm so excited about summer. NO SUMMER SCHOOL for me. The first time in 5 years I won't do it. Even my District Content Co-ordinator swore he saw me at the prep meeting for it. I'd have to kill the children if I saw them again. Mrs. Brown has moved me up to 8th grade next year. It will be a challenge as I have never really taught American History in depth and I will have to basically be teaching to the TAKS test. But what's life without a challenge, right? I'll be teaching three on-level and three AP classes, and I have a new team for the most part, my Literature teacher is moving with me so we'll both have someone from the old team to commiserate (sp?) with.

I can hardly wait for this week to begin. LoneStar on Monday and then Mechiel and I head for San Antonio. Mechiel, I can hardly wait and am soooooo verrrrrry excited about it. I have about 40 hours of in-services for the summer, wait before you say anything, I truly love being in a class room. I'm going to Austin on the 10th for a seminar on DBQ's which hopefully will help me in my Pre AP classes. Going home the end of June with both my girls. Chicago and CHA is in July. Don't know if the other person is going or not, but who cares? Phyllis called me the other night to tell me she had signed up for classes and had chosen three with me in mind, but the T. Got there to look at them and all three were at the same time. Told her which one I wanted to do for sure, and she said she'd like to take that one also (hint: memory glass). Looked through the other choices and she and I came up with some alternate items. Told her I was looking for things we could take and bring back to the store to utilize or teach, I'm looking for items from a business aspect, because not everyone going will be teaching when they come back. Going to try to take a couple of day trips to places I've never been before and going to work on the house, read and scrap and before I know it the summer will be gone. But that's okay because I'm going to enjoy it this time. Well, summer is here and the living is good. Love to you all.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

This fat thing...

i'm already confused as to country and calculating fat and protein and fiber and the wiz and his munchkins. Am I crazy. Poor Kim she only though I was annal. Things to do with math and food don't calculate well with me. That's why I teach History not Math. It's already sunday night and I'm freaking out over having to write goals. There's a reason AI don't make New Year's resolutions, I don't keep them. They're not for the weak of heart like I am. Chocolate talks to me you know. We have rather nice conversations, but it's usually it's death notice. See I'm so hungry already I'm rambling and making no sense. So, I guess I'll go to bed and dream of sugarplums, and try to visualize my goals to write down.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


12 days left. Thank you lord!

Summer Plans:
Classes with Tim Holtz,
spending time with friends,
spending time with friends,
reading unfinshed books,
spending time with firends,
visiting my mom,
spending time with my girls
the perfect summer-

Monday, March 26, 2007

Onward and Upward

Well, I finally took a stand on certain things in my life this weekend. Took a lot of soul searching, overcoming some personal fears and deciding that I needed to stop wasting perfectly good energy going over things in my mind, what I did or didn't do. The Leann door mat went to the garbage. Hopefully I won't be all talk. I've still got a ways to go. My biggest test will be the next time I walk through certain doors.

We should all learn to celebrate the "goddess" within us and realize that all limitations don't need to limit us.

Oh well, I've waxed poetically enough for the night. To all my friends, have a great week, and start your day off with a smile and a deep breath.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

47 days to go

but who's counting. great thing is that the principal is away. kids are certainly running the school, but at least the teachers i hang with are relatively happy, if we stay out of her spies radar we're fine. guess i'd better get my objectives up on the board before someone tattles. hate kids who don't give a shit about education. not sure why they even show up if they don't want to do anything and know they will get into trouble and plan on doing it so they don't have to be in class. good news for the teachers though whose classes they are in, they get more of a chance to teach. well, trying to get the hell out of dodge next year. pissed off a fellow teacher because i snapped at her. well, stop telling me how to do my job and what the little darlings need to be able to do then turn around and ask me for lesson plans. can we tell i'm a little out of sorts????? just trying to remember to breathe and keep my blood pressure down. probably should have gone home to see my mom over break, really missing her now for some reason. just need the time to "be" and have her tell me it's okay.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

I can see the light

Ben Franklin once said: "I choose my friends as I choose my books, few but choice". well, my elves came in yesterday and started working a miracle. I've either got the best friends in the entire universe to do this for me or the dumbest ones (carol says both), but whatever i'm thankful to the power that is that he has blessed me with them. I consider about five people in the immediate houston area to be close friends (you know who you are). You help give me sanity and stability, thank you all.

The elves are returning today. It's amazing what we got rid of yesterday. Lots of crap and more crap. They were really very good when I wanted to keep some little tidbit, but as the day got longer even those got trashed. Thanks to these to I can see a room actually developing. It actually has a floor and walls. I'm sure they never thought one person could accumulate so much fabric and yarn. Lots of stuff going to Goodwill today. I hope someone can get as much use and joy out of it as I did. Time to move on. Scrapping is now the "word".

By the way, Mechiel if I had known you needed somewhere to be Friday night you could have entered the world of getting Leann organized. Trust me there's plenty more to do, we're at my house today so feel free to stop by. (LOL)

I can see the light

Ben Franklin once said: "I choose my friends as I choose my books, few but choice". well, my elves came in yesterday and started working a miracle. I've either got the best friends in the entire universe to do this for me or the dumbest ones (carol says both), but whatever i'm thankful to the power that is that he has blessed me with them. I consider about five people in the immediate houston area to be close friends (you know who you are). You help give me sanity and stability, thank you all.

The elves are returning today. It's amazing what we got rid of yesterday. Lots of crap and more crap. They were really very good when I wanted to keep some little tidbit, but as the day got longer even those got trashed. Thanks to these to I can see a room actually developing. It actually has a floor and walls. I'm sure they never thought one person could accumulate so much fabric and yarn. Lots of stuff going to Goodwill today. I hope someone can get as much use and joy out of it as I did. Time to move on. Scrapping is now the "word".

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Bye Bye Bubba

Well, my kid who drove in early to surprise me has to leave tomorrow. It seems like we didn't have any time together. I am glad to learn she may be considering moving back here to do her masters. Since the attack in January she has been less than in love with Albuquerque. If she didn't have a year to go, she'd probably transfer back now. Well, spring breaks almost over, got absolutely nothing, and I do mean nothing accomplished. However, elves are coming in tomorrow night and Saturday to help me get organized. Boy are they in for a huge surprise. Well, it will be interesting. Hope everyone had a good break.

Monday, March 12, 2007

It's been a while

Well, it's been a while since I blogged. Thank goodness Spring Break is finally here, unfortunately we lost a day at Easter because of the "ice" day. Beth is in town and surprised me by coming a day early. I think she does this because she doesn't want me to worry about her driving by herself. Haven't spent a lot a time with her yet, the weekend was already filled with basically good friends and scrapbooking, although they would have understood if I have had to cancel to be with my kid. However, she and Rachel have been spending a lot of time together so that is good. Working on the house today, scrapping tomorrow, hair cut and lunch on Wednesday. Who knows after that. I hope everyone who has the chance to be off is. Michiel, be careful coming back to us.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

My Happy Place

Well, we had a faculty meeting today and Ms. Brown told us that everyone would be receiving a transfer form in our boxes, if she can find them, if not go on line and look for it. That there would be no hard feelings if anyone wanted to go to the fair on May 2nd, and that she would help us in whatever way possible. She wanted no one to be at Holub who didn't find it their "happy place". Because if we weren't happy there, then we weren't doing the best for the kids. Whatever... Hate to tell her, but they threw me out of my happy place a loooooonng time ago. Something about naked men with drinks that had umbrellas in them.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


Meant to get this on the other day, but things got really crazy at school, besides the kids I mean. History Fair, what a joke, I've never seen such crap on exhibit boards as I saw yesterday with the exemption of about 5 kids who I had last year. There just wasn't enough time to prepare them, which is a large part my fault since we started very late this year, and these kids are just unmotivated. Trying to judge every category, then the damn pa system butting in, as I said what a joke. Then the AP who was goingto Fort Worth decided that she was much to sick to go. People who were riding with others decided not to ride with them, somehow I got in charge of the hotel check which I know isn't right. We decided to come back on Saturday after the conference rather than Sunday which is going to screw things up, but this is what the majority of us wanted to do anyway. Well, the real reason I wanted to write this is:

Birthday balloons - 1.5 million
Gift card - 3.0 million
Dinner - 4.5 million
Spending time with the "pink bunnies" - priceless

Friday, February 23, 2007

Carol and Ali

Just read my good friend, Carol's blog. Talking about reading Ali Edwards blog ,(here a blog, there a blog, everywhere a blog, blog-lol) so I thought I 'd give it a shot. Okay, so here's my list of things I am grateful for right now:
1. It's Friday
2. It's afterschool
3. My two girls
4. My close,personal hommies (yes, you know who you are)
5. my printer
6. did i mention, it's friday?
7. my mom
8. only 3 days of school for me next week
9. going somewhere i'm not around 13 and 14 year olds
10. endless possibities

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I screamed at my students today. I'm not sure why we even attempt to have class in my school as school wide testing. They're already wired, and they literally came out of the class rooms screaming and yelling at the top of the voices, no words, just guttural sounds. My pod partner had a food fight in her room. Got no lunch, got 10 minutes off period, have thugs and assholes for students who can't tell a gift when handed to them. Millions of kids in the world who would literally kill to get the education that is offered to our brats who just throw it away. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know this isn't alll kids, but the clientele I'm working with appears to fall in to the groups of you owe it to me anyway, so what the fuck....Is my frustration and anger showing just a little bit?

Saturday, February 17, 2007


Now this is the problem with something like a blog. I vascilate from guilt, because I haven't written in a few days, to what's the big idea no one reads them anyway (no comments Kim or Carol). Catch up for the week: I've decided that my principle surrounds herself with incompetents so she herself doesn't look incompetent, my school is the joke at the ad. building (sucks to be us), I've got issues with certain people not having any balls. I don't understand kids coming to school knowing they are going to get in trouble especially when it's with me. I don't understand the theory of let's mainstream these sped kids, we're doing a disservice to the kids the "normal" kids and the teachers (love talking in acronyms, though). I was putting together my Civil War and Reconstruction note book (4 inches of paper inside of sheet protectors, slick little things they are), had it all laid out, was handing it to one of my students to carry for me and guess what they went everywhere, kind of how I feel, and did they land back in the order they were in? Of course not, nothing could be that wonderful and simple. Well, at least I got my ATC's done last night and a wedding gift card holder for my niece on my ex's side. Have circle journal tonight, think it's going to be pretty chilly there, not among people who are giving me that warm, fuzzy feeling. Well enough for the poor me time, hope everyone else has a great weekend.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Boy did I screw up.

Good thing I kept things light, since I posted to Scrapbook Village Blog and not this one originially, now you"ll see what I'm talking about.

The Weekend
I'm finding my weekends to be exhausting. Sunday is here before I know it, I've gotten nothing done and spent loads of money. (Well, okay, maybe it's all not so bad.) I've got to figure out how to get my life in order, that in itself has always been a problem, while lines are our friends, I'm to lazy to lay them out and follow them through. However, stress from work,everyday life, Beth and Rachel and scrapbooking are beginning to take its toll. It might be time for me to stp back and take a breather. I'm angry about a lot of things, and unsure about what to do about a lot of things. Please I don't need any comments or concerns, as my mom says "this to shall pass".
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Friday, February 9, 2007

Such Friends I have

You guys make me feel warm all under. I know what you said is true, but it's nice to know someone else makes me aware of it. I love my girls so much and never want to see anything happen to them. I want to be able to kiss it and put a bandaid on it when it hurts. Kind of hard to do that when she's 800 miles away. I am probably the most fortunate woman in the world I have great kids and the best, and I do mean the best friends in the world. Those who stand not only behind you to give you a kick in the ass to make sure you take off, those who stand in front of you and watch out for you but most importantly those who stand next to me and just let me be. Thank you each and every one.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Hallelujah, I figured it out

Another reason I don't do things like this. It took forever to figure out how to post to the damn thing. Spolke to Beth twice tonight. First call she was very excited about the new "guy" in her life. I know him as "nutrition guy"(cute, huh.). She wanted to catch me up on him and how they met etc.... said they stayed up until 3:00 the other morning talking (right) and watching Boon Docks Saints (ech). That call ended on a happy note, then twenty minutes later she calls back in tears. Jerry the asshole old boyfriend who didn't want to be in a committed relationship but doesn't want her in one either literally cornered her at the pool in order to tell her his side of the story. Said he would never tell anyone to harm her, and that he didn't think that she was hurt that much, and wanted to make sure they were still friends. Anybody know somebody, whos knows somebody who knows somebody who can do a job? Well, she got through it, told him she wouldn't believe what he had to say and that a friendship was out of the quesiton. Very proud of herself, said she didn't cry in front of him and got away as soon as she could and headed towards her office. She only has about a week and a half left to be at the pool, and plans on quitting water polo so she won't have to be around him as his "friends". I've got a tough little girl, whose still very fragile.

Tried to do Reagans Group Therapy tonight, more like Group Nightmare for me. My layout is Supermom - I'm not, because if I was I'd be with my kid right now.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Welcome to blog world

Okay, welcome to the bloggers world. My friend(s), at least I call them that have convinced me that I should have my own blog. I'm not sure why when I'm so reluctant to keep a diary/journal for fear that I'll put something into it I might not want my kids to ever see or know about me. (Yes, Carol and Kim there are things even you don't know.) So I'll give this a shot, it will probably end up like everything else I start, best intentions but no follow through