Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Oh my goodness, oh my goodness....

Well, it's hard to believe that summers almost over for me. I've basically got nothing done a did anything I said I would do... And it's been forever since I've blogged. Went to CHA, had a great time with Dana and Jane before it started. Awesome stuff coming out quickly, P & K did really well in ordering. However, brought back major allergies with me so I'm being tested on Friday, yuck. Also had bloodwork done and my glucose is elevated so I'm going on some RX to try to help bring it down. Really need to work on this as my brother became either borderline or is type II when he was 51. Need to eat better and to get back to the gym to exercise.

If you are ever out shopping with me and I look at another piece of paper or magazine, call the men in the little white coats. I'm in need of a serious intervention, not to mention the money being spent . I've come to the realization that I'm more of a collector right now than a scrapbook diva. I'm trying to get the house ready for the guy to measure for my carpet and tile and am in what use to be the dining room, yes we did eat at home at one time. There is so much shit still in there it is unbelievable, not to mention all the plastic containers that I've got to figure out what to do with ( guess I was a collector of them too). I could never buy another piece of paper, flower , rub on or embellishment and have enough to last a life time and enough left over for my girls to sell on e-bay.

Going to the Village tomorrow afternoon to prep and to make calls for my class on Saturday. I think I'm going to put my teaching gig there on hold after the two last classes I've already told them I would do. Just not feeling warm and fuzzy there anymore. I'll scrap there occasionally and do bookclub but I think my days will be limited there.

Carol, have a great time on your trip, don't fall overboard and have a drink for me. Kim, congrats on your surgery date, you're going to look "faaabulous, darling". Everyone else, hang in there and we'll get together sometime and catch up.

Love to all,

Friday, July 13, 2007

What's the buzz

Well, it appears I'm the only one up to blogging these days. Went to the new store in Clear Lake that everyone is "Buzzing" about. It's very nice, lots of pink. They carry complete lines of designers and have the major ones, can't really remember if I saw Basic Grey there or not. Very nice people, owner and help are from Just 4 fun. Lots of Maya Road, got a very cool scalloped edge 3x5 bare album. Should be an interesting place to check out now and again. Off to Chicago on Monday to see all the new goodies, know more what I'm doing this year and what to take. Got Tinker back home again yesterday, Annie and Able checked his box out and were satisfied he was well. Those of you who have been making fun of me scrapbooking him, just watch out I may do it. Tim Holtz finally came into the Village, yeah. I'm hosting NYOBC this Sunday, so if you're out and about come on down, you know it will be a fun time with me doing it. Flower Power is the new book and we're masking. Really some cook stuff in the pack and the paper is very nice.

See ya,

Friday, July 6, 2007


We lose many things in our lives, sometimes by accident, often by choice. I had to lose something near and dear by choice to me this morning. We had to put my oldest dog, Tinker to sleep this morning. His quality of life was progressively getting worse and I no longer wanted him to suffer. I am thankful for Rachel as she does things for me that would break my heart. She took him to the vets for me. I know it was hard on her but she didn't want to see me upset any more than I already was. I am thankful Beth was here so she could say her goodbye as well. I know he is better off, but that makes it hurt no less. I know in my heart he is with my Dad who will watch over him.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007