Thursday, June 21, 2007

To 10 things in my life

Hopefully I have more than ten, but here goes with the first ones.
1. My girls, having them is an immense joy, privledge and pleasure.
2. My family in KC. My mom who accepts me as I am, unconditionally. My sister (in-law), Faith, who also has never been an in-law, my brother, nieces and nephews, aunt, former in-laws and dearest friends Larry and Athena (a little long-winded there).
3. My relationship with God. Who is always there also even though I tend to forget. And who always never gives me more than I can handle even though I don't always agree with it. This probably should be nearer the top, but he understands.
4. My true friends, who let me be, who agree to disagree and don't hold it against me when we do, those who listen to me vent, bitch, complain and whine and those who love me in spite of everything and everyone else around me.
5. My angels who constantly surround me and envelope me in their wings when I need it.
6. My three faithful companions who give me joy and frustration (Annie, Able and Tinker).
7. A roof over my families head and a car that runs well and a job which helps me to keeps them.
8. Time off this summer to do things I haven't done in a long time.
9. Taking time to look inside of myself to see what I need to let go of and finding the strength to do it.
10. Having fun and enjoying the life.

Well I guess that's it for now. These will probably change, evolve and revolve. But as a friend of mine says "it is, what it is".

Love and peace to all

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's about time

It's been a while since i did my thing here. Surprised I didn't kid more comments. I love to read your guy's blogs and feel disappointed if there isn't something new for me to read. However, this doesn't apply to me of course. Up to dateness: Went to Austis a coupld of weeks ago for an in-service and was really impressed by the Yankees who did it, hopefully I can apply it in my new 8th grade classes. Cancelled my three day in-service this week because I was on a roll with working on my house.. I can see the floors in the down stairs (well except the dining room), and boy are they dirty. I've got a long ways to go but it's a start. Leaving Friday with my two baby girls to go home to see my mom and others. Part of me is apprehensive, because I have to keep everybody happy and try to do everything everyone wants to do, keep my oldest from having issues with my mom (and thinking her house is haunted (just my dad)) and seeing everyone that I must see. My kids don't really understand family duties and how important they are to older people. Will be back at the end of next week, and then Beth will stay for another week, yeah... Already know what I'm doing for bookclub, my Two Days with Tim paperbag album, can hardly wait to start on it. Working on reasearch on my dads service in China, Burma and India during WWII, but need some information from my mom. Unfortunately, or not, they didn't know each other then so I've got no letters or anything to work with. Working on research of the 40 and 8, which is a military "thing" for my grandfather. Got to figure out where I start teaching. I've never taught to the TAKs, and I'm bound and determined to have high scores in not only my Pre AP kids but on level as well. However, maybe if I screw up she'll move me back to 7th grade next year (lol). Then comes more in-services and off to Chicago to CHA with the Village People. To all of you that I love and adore have a great week and remember to take deep breaths and smell the lavender.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Outside the box

Oh my gosh. We were so far outside the box with Timmie (for those of you who don't know, that would be the Tim Holtz.)(LOL) that we couldn't even see what it was made of. This was an all time high for me, up close and personal with him, he answered questions, gave positive feedback, answered more questions, made jokes, laughed, talked, answered more questions, challenged, feathers, beeswax, skeletons, crowns, etc... Can not say enough. The three classes I took were incredible, can I say it again INCREDIBLE. I learned so much and worked with mediums I have never before worked with, and spent lots of money on top of it all.

Now the best part of the whole weeked, was spending time with Mechiel and June-bug. It was awesome. Got to teach them a class Saturday night. Bought back lots of ideas to work with. Everything is signed by him and do we have pictures. We scrapped Friday night at Scrapbook Heaven, I actually got two layouts done, my challenge from last week and my bookclub, haven't done that in a long time. Saturday before my class we went to Stamp Antonio. Wait 'til you see my new stamps (hint: Time Holtz). Well, I'm sleepy, time to go nite-nite. Missed you all. Mechiel and June great times with great friends.