Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summers gone...

Hey everyone -

First week of school over. Already had one fight in the hallways and a walk through. Except for about 5 Pre AP students who are pain's in the rear my kids seem to be pretty okay. No major bahavior problems yet. My team doesn't have to deal with Sped kids this year. We just got our secretary on Wednesday, but are still missing a couple of teachers and a whole lot of para's and support staff. My one AP left over from last year is wearing so many hats I don't think he knows which on is on at any given time. My room is way down the hall from the rest of my team and I miss not seeing them daily but I've got some very nice teachers around me and we're having a good time. Went to the Village Friday night and got a project done, so that's good. Rachel and I are just hanging at the house this weekend, both of us need the rest. She seems to really like her job so let's hope it continues. For all my teacher "peeps" I hope you start of school was okay, and for all my other "peeps" I hope that the end of summer and the beginning of fall is wonderful.

Hugs to all

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm back

Just got back from my mom's in KC. As always I seem to spend one day too long, but all in all it was a nice visit. Ended up going to four scrap stores, a quilt shop and a stamp shop, not bad... For those of you who haven't read Kim's blog (thanks Kimmy since you know how I blog), Rachel does indeed have a "real job" teaching. She'll be a Hightower in Fort Bend, teaching 9th grade Biology. She's scared and excited all at once. This came totally out of nowhere and I thought she wouldn't get something because school starts in a little over a week. The HR person called Wednesday AM, they interviewed Wednesday PM, and after checking one more referenced offered her the job Thursday and she went to in-service on Friday. Hit the road running as I always say. She won't have time to think about it and worry or over-analyze too much. Well, Beth is settled more or less in California. All that ended up missing in the move was her pillows and her shams which matched her bedspread. They were in a big trash bag and evidently got tossed, so not too bad.

Well, gotta go. Hey to everyone.

Peace out,