Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

To those who have served without question, we thank you for without you we would not survive. To those who serve and question we thank you for helping those who are "in", remember they still have to answer to someone, and that is the citizens. Being an American and having freedom doesn't come without a price, and I don't think we should hand it to those who want to enter our nation and enjoy our liberties tied with a silver bow on a platter. We have paid the price more than many, and continue to do so in a country that now tells us either to get out or don't give them timetables, that we have no right to do so. My father was a patriot and he raised me with a sense of dignity and what is right for our country. Do I always agree with our leaders? Certainly not, however they have been placed in a position by people who feel they can lead the best, and until the time comes to change that we must live with it. I remember as a child getting red poppies from the men and women of the VFW. The poppies were to remind us of the blood that was shed so others can enjoy what many do not share but we have and many take for granted. I ask each of my friends to take a moment and remember and thank those who have stood for us when others have failed to do so.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Summer's here, and the living is good

Finally the end of the year. It was tough. End of year was harder than I thought it would be. I shed a bunch of tears on Thursday. I've got people leaving who have been there since the day I walked through the doors, people who have mentored me, listened to me, befriended me and taught me so much. I can never repay these people. They are good, kind and honest human beings. Going to our un-official end of year party tonight, our old principal always threw it, now it has passed on. Have to award the B.o.t.Y. (Bitch of the Year) award tonight. Always did that at school also, so I'm officially retiring it.

I'm so excited about summer. NO SUMMER SCHOOL for me. The first time in 5 years I won't do it. Even my District Content Co-ordinator swore he saw me at the prep meeting for it. I'd have to kill the children if I saw them again. Mrs. Brown has moved me up to 8th grade next year. It will be a challenge as I have never really taught American History in depth and I will have to basically be teaching to the TAKS test. But what's life without a challenge, right? I'll be teaching three on-level and three AP classes, and I have a new team for the most part, my Literature teacher is moving with me so we'll both have someone from the old team to commiserate (sp?) with.

I can hardly wait for this week to begin. LoneStar on Monday and then Mechiel and I head for San Antonio. Mechiel, I can hardly wait and am soooooo verrrrrry excited about it. I have about 40 hours of in-services for the summer, wait before you say anything, I truly love being in a class room. I'm going to Austin on the 10th for a seminar on DBQ's which hopefully will help me in my Pre AP classes. Going home the end of June with both my girls. Chicago and CHA is in July. Don't know if the other person is going or not, but who cares? Phyllis called me the other night to tell me she had signed up for classes and had chosen three with me in mind, but the T. Got there to look at them and all three were at the same time. Told her which one I wanted to do for sure, and she said she'd like to take that one also (hint: memory glass). Looked through the other choices and she and I came up with some alternate items. Told her I was looking for things we could take and bring back to the store to utilize or teach, I'm looking for items from a business aspect, because not everyone going will be teaching when they come back. Going to try to take a couple of day trips to places I've never been before and going to work on the house, read and scrap and before I know it the summer will be gone. But that's okay because I'm going to enjoy it this time. Well, summer is here and the living is good. Love to you all.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

This fat thing...

i'm already confused as to country and calculating fat and protein and fiber and the wiz and his munchkins. Am I crazy. Poor Kim she only though I was annal. Things to do with math and food don't calculate well with me. That's why I teach History not Math. It's already sunday night and I'm freaking out over having to write goals. There's a reason AI don't make New Year's resolutions, I don't keep them. They're not for the weak of heart like I am. Chocolate talks to me you know. We have rather nice conversations, but it's usually it's death notice. See I'm so hungry already I'm rambling and making no sense. So, I guess I'll go to bed and dream of sugarplums, and try to visualize my goals to write down.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


12 days left. Thank you lord!

Summer Plans:
Classes with Tim Holtz,
spending time with friends,
spending time with friends,
reading unfinshed books,
spending time with firends,
visiting my mom,
spending time with my girls
the perfect summer-