Saturday, March 27, 2010

Decision time

Well, it's that time to decide what I am going to do next year. I send my paperwork over to the head honcho at the Early College High School. I was given to absolutely awesome letters of recommendation from my AP and Specialist. I've truly never had anyone speak about me in the manner in which they did and least not to where I could actaully witness it. It was truly humbling. I'm leaning towards staying where I am though because of what will be happening with the school next year and that fact that I've been accepted as one of the AVID teachers (this is a strategy of working with kids who have potential but don't have a clue how to get to where they want to go, we work with them through content classes on strategies and other things to help prepare them for high school and college). However, I'm going to still see if I get invited for an interview, my AP says at least leave the door open to say "no", so that's what I'm doing. ECHS would mean learning a whole new content area, AVID, and teaching AP courses not to mention the extra emotional and mental work that goes into these particular kids and this school. Since there has only been one year there really is no "dept." to work with. I have a former colleague who works there and she says being an "island unto yourself" while it sounds great isn't all it's cracked up to be, but she says the kids are amazing, so we shall see. I tend to jump in before I look and this is one time I really need to stand at the end of the cliff and look to see what's down there before taking the first step.
Beth is home and so far so go, but Rachel has had a really nasty virus (which I hope I don't get)so things have been calm so far. Beth now can put R.D. after her name and start looking for a job, her ultimate goal is to teach at a college level, but right now she would like to try to work with WIC. Of all of us in this family she has the most drive and discipline, not sure where she gets that from.
Going to try my hand at applique today with a class, we shall see. Have a great one everyone who has logged on just to see if I'm still writing.

Peace Out

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