Sunday, June 27, 2010


Well, not sure if anyone reads me anymore. School's out and I have left Holub to pursue High School. Not just any High School, but the Early College High School. Way different that the regular one. Not only are the kids taught at an AP level, they also follow AVID, which is a group of strategies which make them to becoe self directed and focused. It's been around for 30 years and seems to really work. This is for those kids who have the potential, not necessarily the drive, who may never go to college or be the first in their family to do so, who need direction or in many cases will drop out. It's a very cool program, but top that with teaching a new content area and AP as the cherry on it I'll be working bery hard for the next few months. Our school is not finished yet, so the incoming freshman will still be housed in the T-shacks, and the majority of the sophomores will be housed on the second floor of one of the HCC campuses. Hopefully, by December we will be able to move into a brand spanking new building. Just returned from Dallas where we had a week of intense training for AVID, but got to know a few of the teachers from last year there and some of the new ones for this year.

Bath and Rachel are co-existing at best. Beth does have a job working for a bariatric surgeon in Dickinson, but has no medical insurance. It was her call on that. She tells me today that Armando's sister and she are going to look at engagement ring so that Armando knows what she likes. For heavens, sake why don't they both go, she shows him what she likes and then he decides. Why put a third party into it. Oh well, not my call.

Summer is going by quickly, have a bunch of in-services yet to do. Rachel and I go see Wicked next weekend, can hardly wait, and she and I are going to Kansas and the end of July to see mom and my girls grandfather.

Well, gotta go. Thanks to anyone who still pops in from time to time.

H & K
Peace Out

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