Monday, July 5, 2010


If you ever have the chance to see this amazing musical, DO IT!!!!Rachel and I went last night (July 4th) which in itself is crazy to go to downtown Houston on that day to see this. This is the third time for her and I can see why. It's really an amazing show. Of course, being big OZ fans it's understandable that we both were really into it. The whole thing is awesome from the costumes (loved those)to the music, dancing and sets. It was fun to have a night out with her.

Well, have three days of PD this week, Covey training. People I talked to who have taken it said yeah, it was okay, but takes a lot of time. Oh well, always wanted to take it but it never worked out, so here goes.

well I'm off to do whatever. Have a Ozian day!

Peace Out

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