Tuesday, July 20, 2010

yes, yes, yes

Well, another day of basically getting nothing done. Had lunch with C and K, always enjoyable, went by the new campus to see how things are progressing on the new building. I don't think anythings even been started on it as it looked the same as it did two months ago.

had a talk with the girls last night, actually I talked and then they talked to each other (finally), so here's hoping there will be a little more open communication in my house. getting them to talk to each other is the hard part, but with a little push it works.

trying to get ready mentally to go to Kansas, I have to prepare myself for my mother sometimes, i already hear she's angry at my brother because he won't be there when I am. chris goes to scout camp this time every year, i know that and he knows that, it's no big deal i'll catch up with him later, but this year's mom is upset over it. then there's the subject of my girls not wanting to spend time with her when they are there. she's always been somewhat envious of my in-laws and their relationship with my girls, and finally my weight and my health. Yes, mom i kow you are concerned, yes i know i have diabetes, yes, yes, yes.....

need to start working on school, haven't done anything on it yet. i have seven days of PD before going back to school, need to hop on it.

well Ozians have a great day


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