Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Hello Ozians -

Went to Covey training today, not quite what I expected, I guess we just haven't reached that part yet (the organization). Nothing much else is happening, had a great lunch yesterday with Carol, she always inspires me to work in my craft room. Was able to vent about it, let's just say I'm at the point I want to haul in a dumpster and toss it all, I'm so overwhelmed by it all. I could open my own store, of course you'd only have two sheets of each paper to chose from. I have to remember I'm not going to get it done in two hours. I feel like I'm reshuffling things and just spinning my wheels. Oh well, have promisedmy self I'd spend an hour or so a day on it. I guess that needs to go into the organizational part of Covey.

Well, just wanted to say "hejo" (as Beth would say)

Peace out and have an Ozian sort of day

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cstoler said...

I love you are blogging again and I really love your background. I don't know that I am that inspiring but I will say you are inspiring me to get it together and get back to my own organization. A little each day is the new motto.